Increasing problem

Jerry Craig, 29, and Doris Evans, 28, resided together. Investigators say it is believed they had been arguing for several days.

Tuesday night about 10 pm police were called to the address. A witness saw the couple fighting in the street and called for police. The couple did not have a phone, and it is believed that Evans may have been trying to get to a phone when the couple were seen.

Reportedly Evans suffered from blunt force head trauma and a broken neck. She was transported to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. Evans (or I have seen it written as Evins) was the mother of a 4 year old and reportedly had just tucked the child into bed.

Craig has been arrested on a preliminary charge of murder.

Tues. morning Geowanda Hayes reportedly called police to report that she had shot her boyfriend Gary Branch, 38. She told investigators that they had been arguing for several hours and that he had pulled a handgun and threatened her. She then pulled her own handgun and shot him several times.

Police did report they had previously responded to complaints of violent behavior on Branch and that he had a history of threatening people with guns, however he had not been previously arrested for domestic violence.

Advocates in Central Indiana say that domestic violence murders are increasing. They report that in 2004-2005 the total number of domestic violence murders was 17. Now they are up to 28. And they say most of  their domestic violence shelters are full and they have had to implement emergency bed space plans in order to be able to accommodate victims. Some experts say that this is the highest number in 7 years. And some experts point to the fact that domestic violence prosecutions are down and say they are afraid that this is sending a message to abusers that there will be no consequences for their actions.

Police are responding by saying that domestic violence reports are down. They say that they have investigated about 1,900 domestic violence cases this year. And that number is 200 less than the number of cases at this time last year and 600 less than in 2004.


Drinking and guns

Police say that husband and wife Steven, 43, and Mary, 58, were drinking and doing yard work on Monday.

Mary had a pet chicken, and police say they aren’t sure if Steven shot and killed the chicken accidently or on purpose, that it depends on who you ask. But they say that Mary did intend to shoot her husband. He recieved a gunshot wound in the back.

The chicken was allegedly shot with a .44 caliber handgun. Steven was shot with a .22 caliber gun. Reportedly Steven Gray is recovering from his wounds. Mary Gray has been charged with assault.

His and her weapons.

Guns and alcohol do not mix well. If drinking, you should really give the key to the gun cabinet to someone sober.