Bed of Fire Ants

After 5 years of marriage the wife who is not named, decided a year ago they needed to divorce. And she complained that that is when things began to change. She says that he began harrassing her, but he had never gotten physical.

But Fri. when she arrived home from work 34 year old Lorenzo Fluellen Martin was there waiting on her. She says that he approached her and an argument began. Then some media says he hit her on the head, some media says he began choking her. During the struggle, she ended up on the ground. And her leg was in a fire ant bed. It is estimated that she was bitten a hundred times or more. The wife has said because she was being choked, she couldn’t scream.

A passerby saw the struggle, stopped to help, and called 911. Police say Lorenzo Fluellen Martin then fled to the woods, but he later gave himself up.

The wife was treated at the scene for the bruising that occurred during the struggle, and for the fire ant stings.

Lorenzo Martin has been charged with 3 rd degree domestic violence and unlawful imprisonment. But calling what happened torture, authorities are seeking to upgrade the charges to a felony. And they would like to talk to the good samaritan that stopped to help and called 911.

I am not clear from reading the articles whether the fire ant bites are a result her leg being purposefully placed in a fire ant bed, or whether it was the accidental result of the struggle. Either way, the results are the same.

I’ve never been bitten by a fire ant, but I understand they are extremely painful. Not just at the time of the bite, but for some time after. So 100 bites would be torture, not just at the time but for some time afterward.


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  1. keb said,

    September 9, 2006 at 2:02 am

    The bites swell up red and hard, like hives, then ooze pus and itch, and scab over eventually. It takes several weeks for them to be gone, but scars remain.
    Isn’t hitting someone on the head and choking her a felony already?

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