Where is she?

Brian Morrell (AKA James A. Ruzich), 30, and Luana Sanchez, 22, had been dating. But Sanchez had recently broken off the relationship, authorities say that was because of domestic violence incidents.

Fri. Morrell allegedly called the home on Friday and spoke with Sanchez’s 19 year old brother. The brother said that Sanchez was not there and refused to say where she was staying. At 5:38 am, Morrell showed up at the Sanchez home, and the 19 year old brother confronted him in the front of the home.

Morrell put a gun to the brother’s head and forced him into his vehicle and drove away from the home. Sanchez’s mother was awakened by the struggle and called police.

Morrell ordered the brother to take him to where Sanchez was staying, but instead at a traffic light the brother managed to push the gun away and open the car door, rolling out into the road. Officers found him at a service station near his home. After treatment by emergency medical technicians for minor cuts and scrapes, he returned to his home.

Police spotted Morrell’s vehicle and gave chase, but eventually had to give up due to traffic. Morrell is not in custody and authorities have emphasized that he is considered armed and dangerous.

Morrell was last seen driving a white Cadillac CTS with the New Jersey license number UXX-17V. He is described as 5’6″ tall, about 175 lbs. with brown hair and brown eyes.



Now that is a good brother. I don’t know of too many 19 year olds who could stand up in front of a gun and refuse to disclose any information the person wanted. His escape also took a lot of courage, as he took a chance that Morrell would not pull the trigger.

Many times people hear about ongoing domestic abuse cases and they will say- well if it was that bad, why didn’t they leave before this? I don’t know about this case, but many times the victims families, children, even their pets are threatened by way of retaliation. Sometimes even when they aren’t threatened, the fear is there. And there is always the danger of the abuser using the family to try to get to them. So is it any wonder that some victims get so fearful and frozen, that they feel they cannot escape?

Sanchez did the right thing though. She found a place where Morrell couldn’t find her. Because of the chances that he may bond out, I hope that she stays hidden for a while. By acting quickly Sanchez’s mother was able to get assistance for her son. And by not telling where his sister was, the brother did a lot for protecting himself.

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