A new job

Susan “Sue” Marie Rizzo, 29, had been working at the veterinarian’s for just about 6 weeks as a veterinary tech. When she arrived for work Thursday at 7 am, coworkers say it looked like her estranged husband was following her.

Inside two other co-workers were there and Joseph “Joe” Karl Rizzo, 40, allegedly told them to leave. They thought he was joking until he told them he was serious. They went to the back of the office then heard Sue say ‘Oh, my God,’ and heard shots. Sue came running into the back office and they quickly tried to shut the door but Rizzo forced his way in.

Sue tried to run, but as she reached the hall Rizzo fired again. She fell and he then stood over her and fired more shots. Allegedly Rizzo then stepped into the hallway and fired one more shot. The witnesses looked and saw Rizzo facedown in the hall. Both were dead at the scene when police arrived.

Police say there was no previous history of domestic violence. The employer says that Sue had recently moved in with her parents.

Rizzo’s car was found parked at the business next door.

There were no reports of injuries to witnesses. The employer has told the media that he intends to offer counseling to the other employees.




Recently moved to her parents home, a new job, I would guess that the breakup with the husband was recent too.

No fear, he walks into her place of employment, orders other employees around, then in front of the other employees he shoots her and when she was down, he shot her some more. It sounds as though he had no intention of leaving alive.

Witnesses have stated that they thought that Rizzo had followed her, but with his car being parked in the lot next door, I wonder if he hadn’t parked there and waited for her to arrive, then just followed her into the building.

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