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Wednesday morning 20 year old Lisa Rose and 5 other employees went to work just like on any other day.

Police say that she was in the back room of the store with some other employees when her boyfriend Chris Quartaro, 21, walked in. Reportedly when he arrived Lisa Rose walked out front and began waiting on a customer who was buying a cake. Co-workers have said that he never said a word when he pulled out a gun and shot her in the head.

After the shooting, Quartaro is reported to have walked to his vehicle and driven away. Police spotted him and attempted to pull him over and that is when the chase began. Reportedly reaching speeds up to 100 miles per hour at times, the chase lasted 45 minutes and involved several counties.

Quartaro did eventually stop and as police were approaching the car, Quartaro raised the gun and shot himself in the head.

Lisa Rose died at the hospital later the same day.

Quartaro was also transported to the hospital where he is reported to be in serious but stable condition. Reportedly police plan to charge him with murder.

Friends and co-workers Rose and Quartaro had been dating about 4-5 months. And they have said that they had been arguing recently and may have had problems for some time. They had tried to talk her into leaving him, but she was afraid. Reportedly he had an “explosive personality”.

Quartaro is reported to have had other problems with violence. He was due in court last Monday, but it was postponed again- for the third time. He had been arrested in Sept. 2005 for assault. Allegedly he slapped his mother. And it is reported that there had been other reports of violence with his mother and that he had made threats to kill her, though it is thought other charges were dismissed. Allegedly after one incident his mother had said that he had been on methamphetamines.,1641,CCCT_811_4956279,00.html,1641,CCCT_811_4958399,00.html

20 years old. At that point in life where they are legally adults. And at that stage of life, often they seem to feel they know and can handle whatever challenges life can throw at them. And they often do suprisingly well at solving their own problems at times. But they are often not yet old enough to realize that many times things come up that one person cannot handle alone.

One thing that I would like to remind. From the time that children start dating, parents need to watch for signs of abuse. And educate them on the dangers of a controlling boyfriend. But once they reach this age, they are too old to forbid or to ground, the best a parent can do is to talk with them, and provide the resources and support they may need to get help.

Quartaro’s mother alleged that at least during one of her disputes with him, he may have been under the influence of meth. And certainly drug usage can have an influence on violence as it reduces the amount of control a person may have over themselves and lowers their inhibitions. But drug usage alone is not thought to be a cause of violence.

While I am not going to recreate the whole substance of the discussion, the prosector does talk about the amount of time that had passed between the assault charge on his mother and when it was to go to court. Very interesting read. The link is also here.

Thanks to Trench for the tip on this one, and he also has a post and the MySpace for Lisa Rose. You can find his post here.

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