He Called

Tina Rene Evans, 42, and her boyfriend John Dean Bevan, 47, resided in a home with Evans’ three children ages 17, 15, and 8.

Reportedly the couple were arguing on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. And the 17 year old has said the couple split up during the argument. After the 17 year old left for work on Wednesday morning, police received a call from Bevan.

Allegedly during the call Bevan told police that he had stabbed his girlfriend. Police who responded to the home found Tina Evans in the bed, still in her pajammas with stab wounds to her chest. Police say there were no signs of struggle in the room. They are attempting to determine if she was awake when she was stabbed.

They also found Bevan at the home with reportedly “minor superficial” wounds to his chest and wrists which are believed to be self inflicted. A knife was also found at the scene.

Bevan was taken to the hospital and police say when he is released he will be booked on suspicion of murder.

During the dispute, the 15 year old and the 8 year old children were reported to have been in the basement of the home with one or more of the children’s friends. They are now with relatives, and reportedly were not aware of what happened until police arrived at the home. They were then given into the care of relatives. The children have been offered counseling services.




There are things to be thankful for here. The kids were not physically harmed, and they were not forced to witness the stabbing. They were also not forced to find their mother’s body and be the ones to call police.

Still, what a shock it must have been. At 8 am after a night when they had friends over, likely they were still asleep or had not been awake long when the police arrived. And then to awaken and find out that while they slept, their mother was killed such a short distance away. The oldest, leaving for a routine day at work, then getting the call that will change his world.

Kids this age sometimes take on unearned guilt feelings when a parent dies violently. They may know in their minds that even if they had seen what happened they could not have prevented it, but often they wish they had had a chance to try.

There were also other children in the home that morning. Children who knew both Evans and Bevan. Children who had spoken with them, probably had talked and laughed with them. They are going to be very bewildered at finding out that this could happen while they were in the home. How will this affect them and their relationships with their own parents, how fearful will they be if their parents should have a disagreement in the future?

Personally, I cannot imagine being the police officer who had to tell these kids what happened that morning.


The 911 call:  “I killed her.” “You killed who? “My girlfriend.” “How you do it?” “Stabbed.” “When you do that?” “A couple of hours ago.” Are you still there?” “Yeah, I tried to stab myself.” “Are you there now?” “Yeah.” “And you sure she’s dead?” “Yeah.”

The 8 year old told police that he heard his mother scream and went to check on her. But when he did not get a response after going to her door, he went back to sleep.


More from the 911 call. http://www.sltrib.com/utah/ci_4273835

Bevan is expected to be discharged from the hospital soon. Police say when he is discharged he will be charged with 1 st degree felony murder, domestic violence in the presence of a child, and child abuse. He is not accused of physically harming the children, but of inflicting emotional trauma.


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