A normal routine

A 31 year old unnamed woman went to pick up her child from the babysitter’s Wed. Now a single parent, she had been estranged from her husband for several months.

Allegedly on the same street, Treavor Lee Smith, husband to the woman and father of the child sat and waited. Allegedly when the wife arrived, Smith, 40, rammed her car hitting her on the drivers side door. Then he has been accused of chasing her, choking her, and viciously beating her with his fists.

A passing police officer was flagged down by a bystander. When he arrived, reportedly there was a crowd. As he approached, a man “covered in blood” walked by him. He ordered the man to stop but he failed to do so, and the officer drew his weapon and ordered the man to get on the ground. The man complied.

The un-named woman was taken to the hospital with a suspected head injury. Her condition was upgraded today from critical to stable.

Treavor Smith has been arrested on the charge of attempted murder and is being held without bond. The investigation is continuing and police say additional charges are possible.



We often don’t think of the vulnerability of a relationship gone violent. No one knows their routine better than the other partner. They know where they work, where they park, where they shop, where their friend’s and families live, where the children go to school or the sitter, and any other place they are likely to go- and the routes they will take to get there.

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