Paternity issues

Amy Woollard, 28, reportedly had a brief relationship with 33 year old Richard Monroe Scheibe. And she had an 8 month old baby that he is believed to be the biological father of.

Reportedly on Monday Woollard left the home she shared with her current boyfriend to meet him at a church parking lot. The two were allegedly meeting to talk over “financial arrangements and paternity issues” while Woollard’s current boyfriend stayed home with her baby.

During the meeting, Woollard’s current boyfriend made two calls to her, and she told him she was ok. But when he called around 5:30 pm, there was no answer. And when she had not returned after an hour and a half, he went to the church to check on her.

He found her car still running in the parking lot. But she had been shot to death. He contacted police. Police believe that the person who shot Woollard attempted to make the shooting appear to be a suicide by leaving some unspecified items in the vehicle. But they say that suicide did not fit the crime scene which indicated she was slain in the parking lot. 

Police questioned the current boyfriend, but they say they believe that he is what he appears to be- a concerned boyfriend and they released him.

Police then arrested Richard Scheibe in connection to the death.

When it comes to fatherhood, many men who were eager to lie down, aren’t so eager to stand up. It is the woman’s fault they believe. Not their fault they will say. She should have done something to prevent getting pregnant.

If a man doesn’t want to be a father at that time, or with that partner- he has options. He can refuse to participate until he is sure that precautions are taken, or and better yet- he can take the precautions himself (and as a side benefit male precautions also protect against disease). Even most high schoolers know this.

Once a pregnancy develops, don’t assume that she will have an abortion. And once the baby is born, both parents are responsible for the child. So plan on a request for child support.

Now Scheibe is arrested for the death of his child’s mother. If he is convicted, his child will be growing up without him. His child will also be growing up, not remembering a mother or a father. He will not see his child come running to him when he spots him. He won’t be seeing his child grin adoringly at him in that special relationship between a child and it’s father. And he won’t be hearing the child say “My Daddy!” He won’t be grinning at the mischievous things it does. Someone else will have those pleasures. But if convicted, he gets out of paying child support. Pretty poor payoff if you ask me.

Steve Huff has addtional information on this and it really is a must read. CrimeBlog.US

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