”This is how it’s going to happen”

Reportedly on Thurs. night Michael J. Feisel, 31, and his wife Amy shared an evening of drinking and drugs. And as sometimes happens, a disagreement developed. During the dispute, Feisel is alleged to have hit Amy, put her in a chokehold and pulled her hair.

At some point, Amy and the three children in the home went to bed. Amy has told police she woke up about 4 am and her bed was in flames. She has told police her husband was standing there and that he stated “this is how it’s going to happen.” Then he went downstairs.

Allegedly he told police that he had planned to rescue the wife and children, but then ”decided to just let whatever happens happen.” It is alleged that he then sat down to have a beer and wait for the screams.

Amy Feisel has stated that she attempted to put out the flames, but was unsuccessful. So she rounded up the children ages 5, 8, and 10 years old and got them out of the house with the help of a neighbor.

When police responded to the home, Feisel allegedly fought them as they attempted to put him under arrest. Feisel was arrested on 4 counts of attempted homicide.




Experts believe that drinking and drugs do not cause violence. However, they do loosen  whatever inhibitions and controls a person may have on their emotions and actions.


No Wrongdoing

An unnamed woman was at a nursing home on Thursday. Some reports say she worked there, and some say she was a contractor delivering supplies.

Allegedly she was working when her ex-boyfriend Allen Speed confronted her. Allegedly he began punching her  and kicking her. An eyewitness has reported that “The guy was beating this girl. He had her on the ground, was dragging her by the hair, kicking her in the head, kicking her in the face.”

At that point the witness reported that he jumped on Speed’s back and tried to stop him. The witness then stated that Speed took off. The nursing home administrator followed him and via cell phone, kept in touch with dispatchers letting them know of the direction until police could catch up with the chase.

Police say the chase involved 3 cities and reached high speeds, exceeding 75 miles per hour. They also allege that at some point Speed almost struck a pedestrian before he bailed out of the car. He was captured a short time later.

The woman was taken to the hospital with severe trauma, but is expected to survive.

Speed has been charged with battery, eluding police, and strong armed robbery. Allegedly Speed took the ex-girlfriend’s cell phone. Reportedly Speed has denied any wrong doing and told police that he fled because he is on probation for child abuse and neglect.




There were eyewitnesses. At least one of the witnesses was close enough to try to stop the attack. A second witness chased the person. And the suspect then flees from police. And he says he didn’t do anything wrong, he only fled from police because he was on probation- for child abuse and neglect! Am I the only one who doesn’t find him really believable?