Hello, 911? I would like to report

Reportedly Gus Brown III, 43, and Mona West, 42, had only moved in together a couple of months ago. And reportedly Brown had gone to visit a friend Monday evening.

Allegedly he returned about 11:30 pm. And West shot him. West has told authorities that she then went and sat on the river bank for hours while she tried to decide what to do.

She then went to a friend’s house and called the sheriff’s dept. about 6:30 am. Deputies met her at a service station, and placed her under arrest.

At the home, they found Brown in a bedroom, dead from gunshot wounds to his head and back.

No motive is known for the murder, other than he went to a friends house.

West is being held on intentional homicide charges.




Somehow I think there may be a story behind this one, but I can’t find where they have written about it. One article says a domestic dispute, but the others don’t say at all.

She was held for a time without charges being filed, then nothing further is written.


And another disturbing one

 She is 11 years old. She is coping with a lifelong disability, cerebral palsy. And Monday, police recieved a call from the hospital where she was being treated for an alleged rape.

Reportedly the girl lives with her grandparents most of the time. But she spent the weekend at her mother’s home and returned to her grandmother’s on Monday. 

Reportedly she had been at her mother’s home on Saturday night, and her mother April Kurtz, 30, and her mother’s boyfriend 18-year-old Justin Howard, began text messaging each other. Allegedly, Howard told Kurtz that he wanted to have sex with the girl. Police say the couple took the child’s clothing off of her and arranged her in sexually explicit positions and took photographs of her with a camera phone. Allegedly Howard then had intercourse with the child, and allegedly the “mother” helped in some way. At some point the child asked that he stop because it hurt. According to the police chief “Both suspects are believed to have taken and active role in this offense.”

Howard and Kurtz are believed to have been dating about a year, since right after Howard turned 18 years old. Both Howard and Kurtz have been charged with 1st degree criminal sexual conduct and child pornography.



Well, she waits till Howard turns 18, but she participates in sex with her 11 year old daughter???!!! This one is disturbing in so many ways…..and yes disgusting too!


Kurtz reportedly denys touching the child. Howard’s comment reportedly was “How many years am I going to get in prison?”