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Officer Antonio Roman, 47, has been a law enforcement officer for 20 years. He is a decorated officer, and has been officer of the month at least once. He is single and reportedly dating another female officer who is not being named. Roman’s supervisor has spoken highly of his work and says that he was due to retire in 12 weeks.

Reportedly, a civilian contacted police about 12:15 am on Tuesday. Reportedly this is the story they told: “Civilians on the street observed that he had a gun, pointed it at her head, and he was demanding that she get back in his vehicle,” “As she was walking toward the vehicle, he stuck the gun at her side, so the civilians confronted him.”

Reportedly Roman left the scene in his vehicle and the girlfriend left on foot. Officers who responded then left to interview the couple. They pulled Roman over in his vehicle, and he admitted to having been with his girlfriend. They found the girlfriend sitting on the steps of her home, and she told them what had occurred. Both officers were off duty when the incident occurred.

Roman has been charged with 2 nd degree menacing- which is a misdemeanor. He has been suspended with pay, and is also facing departmental charges.

This was not Roman’s first arrest. In 1990 he was arrested for allegedly beating his wife before their divorce. However the misdemeanor assault charge was dropped.

In August of the same year he was arrested after a three hour stand off at his home, and he allegedly threatened a fellow officer with an unloaded shotgun. He was later cleared of misdemeanor menacing charges. Reportedly he was dispondent over his failing marriage.

And reportedly about 5 years ago, he was on a vacation trip with his girlfriend and barricaded himself inside a motor home. It is unknown what happened to that case.

On Wednesday, Roman appeared before the court. Reportedly he appeared to be weak and disoriented and required the support of officers to stand. The judge ordered a forensic report on his mental health which she said was based on both his physical appearance in court and reports from the holding center.

There is some family history of violence. Roman’s brother Juan Roman was convicted of killing his estranged wife and a teacher’s aide in 1998. Juan Roman was a deputy sheriff.



I have a lot of respect for law enforcement officers. The job they have is not only dangerous, but also difficult. If there is a horrendous crime- they are the ones who have to put aside their emotions and do their job. They see and hear things that most citizens could not stomach. If there is a dispute- they often find themselves in the middle. And if there is danger- they are the ones who get called. And they do all of this in the public eye, and many times recieve a lot of criticism for just doing their jobs. Most officers do their jobs willingly, even enthusiastically. Many go above and beyond the call of duty. So I do not have a complaint about police officers as a whole.

But when a police officer is off duty, he is just like everyone else. He is subject to the same problems, in finances, in marital relationships and with their children. Problems often faced by any other couple. But they have some additional problems. In their training and experience they learn ways to force cooperation from unwilling subjects. And it is hard to put that aside at home. Many officers are able to do so quite well, but not all. And they have an additional problem. If they are convicted of a crime at home, it can and usually does affect their job. But off duty they are supposed to be subject to the same laws as everyone else. Now I don’t know why the charges were dismissed. Very possibly it was because the persons involved may have been the ones to drop the charges (it isn’t specified).

Roman is a decorated officer who has served a long term and apparently done it well. But I cannot help but wonder, what would have been the response if he had committed the same alleged crimes against a civilian on the street, rather than wives or girlfriends?



  1. Peach said,

    August 14, 2006 at 12:15 pm

    Why did the previous charges continually get dropped? How did he maintain employment? The average citizen could not have beat their spouse, held others by gunpoint or barricaded themselves and gotten away with it as many times as he has in the past. As an officer, he may have additional pressures, but he is also sworn to uphold the law. You must lead by example. I question the judgement of his superiors in allowing him to continue in this line of work when he obviously has issues that he cannot and does not keep in check.

  2. soobs said,

    August 14, 2006 at 2:47 pm

    I agree, Peach. Especially when you consider that he had previous charges that should have included a weapon. How the officer could continue to work in his field, WITH a weapon, is beyond me.

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