“You Just Want to Hug”

A kid “You just want to hug” is how one relative described the 6 year old son of Jeannine Nyies, 30. But that is not what Nyies and her boyfriend Ian Anderson, 32, are accused of doing.

An anonymous complaint was received by the police department. So they responded to check on the boy. What they found has shaken both the police and children’s service workers.

The child had a fear of spiders, and he was allegedly told there were spiders in the basement, before he was tied up and gagged and left in the basement for hours. He was reportedly beaten with a spatula so hard that his skin tore in places. Allegedly they beat him and used duct tape to tie him up in awkward and uncomfortable positions for hours.

Allegedly the boy was afraid of Anderson so he began tiptoeing around the house. Allegedly when Anderson caught him doing that he made the boy stand on his tiptoes until he collapsed.

The boy had told relatives details about the treatment he had been receiving. The boy was taken to the hospital, and no information was released about his condition. When released he will be put into the custody of his father.

Nyies and Anderson have been charged with 1 st degree child abuse and felony torture. A prosecutor had this to say “I’ve never seen a case this severe where the, frankly where the victim didn’t die.” 

Allegedly the boys injuries indicate this was not one time abuse, rather the injuries suggest they occurred over a period of time. The couple are reported to have been dating about 9 months. 





Six year olds are usually curious, always asking questions and talking with a frankness that they will lose later as they grow older. When deeply involved in playtime fantasies, they can get loud and mischievous. Yet when they smile their little gap toothed grins, they are easy to forgive.

Yet this little boy was so afraid of the boyfriend that he tiptoed around him. And even that caused him to be punished.

Authorities are being very quiet as to the boy’s injuries, but the psychological abuse he suffered is pretty evident. Would it be any wonder if the child began to think he was being punished just for being alive?

At the age of 6, many children still have irrational fears of monsters in the closet or under the bed when they are put to bed at night. Yet this little boy had a fear of spiders. Not an uncommon fear, one that many adults share with him. Yet he was tied up and gagged and put into the basement where he believed (and there probably were) spiders.

He has physical injuries, but there are indications that he might be expected to recover from those. But the question I have, is how severe are the psychological injuries this child received?


A Family in Turmoil

Cindy Venis, 42, and her husband Michael Venis had been discussing getting a divorce. (I have also seen the last name spelled as Venus, though I think Venis is correct).  And Thursday night they allegedly began arguing.

The couple had 3 adult children in the home, and two of them left. The remaining daughter says she stepped out the kitchen, heard a commotion and a gunshot.

She ran back to the kitchen and found her mother dead from a shotgun wound fired point blank. And her father was going out the door.

A short time later, Michael Venis was stopped by police. They say that Venis put a gun to his head, but a negotiator talked to him for about a half hour by phone and was able to convince him to surrender. Police believe they have recovered the weapon used in the murder. It was found in the car with Venis. 

Preliminary charges of murder have been filed against Michael Venis. Police say there was no previous record of domestic violence with the couple.

The family had already been in turmoil. Just three months ago Cindy Venis was pleading for her son-in-law James Froman to give himself up. He has been accused of the murder of a 19 year old woman. You can find a cached article on that crime here.




First the son-in-law is accused of murder. That is enough to throw a family into turmoil. Then talk of a divorce between the couple. Also an uneasy time for a family.

Then the daughter ( I have seen her described as both a teenager and an adult) is the one who finds her mother dead from a gunshot wound. She is left to make the call to police, to tell them what happened to her mother, and to try to tell police what happened. Knowing that as she does so, the police would be going after her father.

Any one of these events would be enough to cause the family pain. But coming all together like this, it has to be a horrible time for them.

The father and the son-in-law are in the same jail. Leaving the others to deal with this the best way they can.