What are we teaching the children?

A 26 year old woman had four kids, one age 14 and three under the age of 10. And she took them shopping.

A consignment gallery noticed that they had jewelry missing, and after an unsuccessful search for it, they turned to the store’s surveillance video.

On the video, they reportedly saw a woman open a display case, point to a piece of jewelry, and direct two children to pick up the jewelry, and pocket it. The store states that over $2,000 worth of jewelry is missing, ranging from some more valuable jewelry to some costume jewelry. It is thought that the children’s small size prevented the clerks from noticing them behind the display cases.

Surveillance video also allegedly showed an older woman stuffing items in her shirt. It is thought that she may be the grandmother of the children, but police have not confirmed that.

Police say that after video from the surveillance camera was shown in the media, the ‘mother’ came forward. Police believe that all four of the children were involved in the crime. The ‘mother’ was not taken into custody, as at the time that she came forward, the arrest warrant was not ready. The woman has promised to return after it is prepared.

Media has spoken with a woman who may be the grandmother of the children. She denies that they were shoplifting. Instead she says they were shopping, and that the children began ‘misbehaving’. She alleges that the mother was not directing the children to take the jewelry, but instead was directing them to put the jewelry back. She admitted that her daughter did take a ring, but says that she did not realize it, until they saw it on the video. The woman denies shoplifing herself.





On the day of the hearing

Kenneth, 44, and Dawn, 41, Brulla were due in court on Tues. for a hearing on their divorce. The divorce was filed in Feburary. But about the time of the hearing, police were being called to an address on a report of a woman being held against her will.

When police arrived, Kenneth Brulla was reportedly seen stabbing Dawn Brulla. Police ordered him to stop, but he continued to stab her. One of the responding officers shot Brulla, but they say that while they were there, Brulla was doing it so quickly he managed to stab Dawn about 6 times as the officer was shooting him.

Dawn Brulla was rushed to the hospital, where she underwent surgery. She had a laceration to the back of her head, broken ribs, other broken bones and multiple stab wounds to her upper abdomen, arms and wrists. She is now reported to be in fair condition.

Police believe that Dawn was abducted from her home about 10 pm on Monday night. She was bound with strips cut from the bathrobe she was wearing, and taken to an abandoned garage that did not belong to either Brulla. Police arrived at the scene between 8 and 8:30 the next morning.

Police say that when Dawn was found, she had a ligature around her neck, and that the material in the ligature matched the rope that was tied to a rafter. Both ropes appear to have been cut. Police believe that indicates she may have been hanged at some point. Police also found a camera set up at the scene, ready to record, but they are not releasing any info as to what or how much was recorded.

An autopsy was completed on Kenneth Brulla, and toxicology tests were sent off. The autopsy shows that Brulla was shot in the chest 5 times. Brulla has reportedly had prior contact with authorities. Media is reporting there are court records of domestic abuse, disorderly conduct, resisting officers, criminal damage, bail jumping, lewd and lascivious behavior, and trespassing.

Police have completed a lengthy interview with Dawn Brulla to attempt to learn the sequence of events that occurred. During the interview they report that she asked about the officer who shot her husband. And reportedly her words were “He was going to kill me and the officer had to shoot. Can you thank him for me?”’

The owners of the property indicate that Brulla had approached them about buying the property some months ago, and indicated some bitterness over the ex-wife and the divorce. But the sale did not happen. They were shocked when officers asked them to unlock the garage, and she found a man standing there.





Not Again

Shawn Daily found out that she was going to have to go to the hospital for surgery. And she did not want her boyfriend to go without sex, while she was incapacitated.

So she talked with her 15 year old daughter. Shawn Daily, her 15 year old daughter, and the boyfriend Michael Fitzgibbon wrote up a contract, where the daughter agreed to have sex with Fitzgibbon at his home, in exchange for certain liberties at her “mother’s” home.

After more than one contacts with Fitzgibben, the daughter told a relative and the relative went to police.

Police say that the girl was not the only one being abused by Fitzgibben. Reportedly Fitzgibben was also having sex with his own 12 year old daughter.

Fitzgibben has been charged with 6 counts of 1 st degree criminal sexual conduct in the abuse. Dailey has been charged with 3 counts of 3 rd degree criminal sexual conduct for aiding and abetting the abuse.



I don’t know why, but the last few days as I am searching for postings, I keep running across these alleged parents who seem to think their children are sex toys.

Here a woman, an alleged mother- who is so afraid of her boyfriend going without sex that she gives her daughter to him! How desperate is that? One thing that totally baffles me…..how could any woman even think of being close to a man that they know has been with a child…..let alone their own child? She not only contracted her daughter to have sex with her boyfriend, she taught her daughter that indiscriminate sex is a commodity to be used for her profit! If she had run low on money, would she have pimped the girl on the street?

A man who is supposed to be a father……not only agrees to use his girlfriend’s child, but is using his own 12 year old daughter! He couldn’t do without? Who would want a man who was so focused on sex that he couldn’t do without a while if necessary? It is like he didn’t know the difference between his girlfriend, his girlfriend’s daughter, and his own daughter! As if he thought the three were interchangable.

I wonder if the girlfriend was ever the main attraction to him? Maybe the main attraction was the fact that she had a teen girl living in her home.


It is alleged that the “pay” the girl recieved for having sex with her mother’s boyfriend was in the form or clothes and body piercings.


Authorities say that Fitzgibben has sex with the teen between 15 and 20 times in June and July. The teen has stated she didn’t want to have sex with Fitzgibben. She stated that when she had sex with him, she wore a sleeping mask. In exchange she got body piercings, clothing and visits from her boyfriend.

Fitzgibben was charged with the crimes against the teen in July, and it was at a hearing for those crimes that the teen testified about the mother. The mother was arrested in the hallway outside court.

The 12 year old girl came forward, after police had arrested Fitzgibben for the crimes against the teen.



The surgery that Dailey had? Was a tummy tuck! When the contract was signed, the girl was 14, she turned 15 during the ‘contract’ period.

Besides the 15 year old, Dailey also has a son and another daughter. All the children have been removed from the home.

In the case of his daughter, Fitzgibben is alleged to have exchanged packs of cigarettes for sex. The abuse of his daughter began in November, and continued until July.


Trench has Fitzgibbon’s MySpace posted at MyCrimeSpace.


In Feb. Fitzgibbon pleaded no contest to the charges against him. He has now been sentenced to 15 years for each of the 4 counts of 3 rd degree criminal sexual conduct charges. He was sentenced to 12-25 for the 1 st degree criminal sexual conduct charges that he was facing for sex with the 12 yo girl. The sentences are to be served together.

The prosecutor read a letter from the girl, she says that has tried to commit suicide and spent some time in a psychiatric facility, and is now receiving therapy.

The girlfriend is scheduled to stand trial in April.

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