Edward Bigley, 49, was found facedown on the floor of his manufactured home on Monday. Investigators say that he had been shot multiple times.

Missing from the home was his work truck. A passing motorist sighted the truck about a half mile from his home, and notified police. It is reported the truck had been ransacked, and some bloody clothing were found nearby. A window on the truck was broken and blood stains were found inside.

Police have made an arrest in the case. About 3 am on Tuesday morning, police arrested 47 year old Leisa Bigley, Edward Bigley’s estranged wife.

Police have not released a motive for the murder.

No matter if it is a male or female who is killed, so many times the terms “estranged” or “broke up” is attached.


More details over what is being called a confusing crime scene. Neighbors noted that Bigley’s lights were on a 5 am, which they say was unusual for him.

Then Lesia was seen walking out of the woods, toward a vehicle which had been wrecked into an enbankment.

In the afternoon, Bigley’s truck was there, the wrecked car was gone, and a woman was seen picking up stuff from the ditch. A deputy investigating then went to Edward Bigley’s place and found him.

The search warrant on Lesia Bigley’s apartment shows that the white car was at the apartment, and a .40 caliber handgun was found.

Lesia Bigley is insisting she is innocent.

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