As the children slept

An apartment dweller was woken from sleep before 4:11 am on Thursday morning. She heard what she said sounded like banging, then two booms and the sound of glass breaking. She called 911.

From the outside there was a broken window with blood dripping from it. Police made entry to the apartment and there found a 3 year old and a second grader alone in the apartment. And indications of violence in the home.

The apartment was rented by the children’s mother, 23 year old Angeline Combs. About 5 am they found Combs in an abandoned vehicle parked on a bridge. She had a gunshot wound to her head. Police began looking for her boyfriend.

The found Calvin Earl Reed at a relative’s home, with a vehicle owned by his uncle, arrested him and charged him with murder.

Police believe that Angeline Combs was shot in the apartment. Then for some unknown reason, they got into a vehicle or he put her into the vehicle and began driving. However, they believe they vehicle broke down at the spot where police located it. They believe that Reed at some point disposed of the gun, then got a ride from someone to where he picked up his uncle’s vehicle and then drove to another relative’s home where he was arrested.

Police are asking that if anyone locates the gun, that they be aware it has been involved in a murder and to turn it in. They also are looking for the individual who may have picked Reed up at the bridge, they say that person may not have been aware of the murder when they picked Reed up.

No motive has been mentioned for the murders. But really, what could Combs’ have done that was so horrendous that it could justify killing the mother of two children?

Two more children, motherless. Their future now up in the air, no mother there to support them in their grief over the loss of their mother. A second grader, probably able to grasp the concept of death. But too young to be able to grasp the finality, or the full effect it will likely have on it’s life. How does a three year old understand death? I remember a loss we suffered when my child was about that age. She could not grasp the fact that death was final and that our loved one could not come back to us and that she could not go to them.

Also I wonder, did the children sleep through all of the fight and the gun being discharged? Or did they waken, and when things got quiet drift back to sleep not realizing the importance of the noises they heard? They went off to bed that night, not given a chance to say a final goodbye, not knowing that when they woke- their home would be filled with strangers in uniform and their whole world would have changed.

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