True Crime Carnival XXXV

Sorry for being so late putting this up. This week’s True Crime Carnival is hosted at T.O. Crime. Excellent reading this week. If you have never read there before, Harding has a way of offering current crime news, in the same format as many old time movies and true detective stories. He is also the artist of the graphics that are posted here, in the left column. As a writer and a graphic artist, he truly deserves the term, multi- talented. So click on over and see Harding, then sample some of the other True Crime Blogs.

We hold the Carnival weekly, but the True Crime Blogroll is always displayed on the left in this blog so that you can find your favorites any day of the week. And the blogroll keeps growing, can you tell which one I added today? That’s right, Dreamin’ Demon. So when you are looking for True Crime News or interesting reading, look for the True Crime Blogroll.

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