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Marvin Harrell’s ex-girlfriend Sylvia Thompson, says that she broke up with him on Thursday. And she says that about 4:30 am on Friday, Harrell, 45, broke into the home she shared with her parents. According to Sylvia Thompson, he had another man with him at the time, but authorities have not been able to confirm that.

Allegedly, Harrell shot the ex-girlfriend’s parents, Sophia Clarke, 67, and Roosevelt Clarke, 63, who were sleeping at the time. Allegedly Harrell then forced the ex-girlfriend to leave with him.

Police say that Harrell owned some property 50 miles away in Miss. and that is where he took the ex-girlfriend and allegedly held her hostage for 12 hours. Eventually, he released her along the side of a road. Thompson then contacted police and told them where to find her parents.

Police say they went to Harrell’s home in La., but did not search it. They then contacted Miss. authorities and asked them to check his property. A search team with bloodhounds was sent to the property.

Police say the search team that went to the property  heard a shot in the darkness. Harrell was found in a field with a gunshot to the head.

Thompson was not physically harmed. And the ex-girlfriend says that Harrell was a former Green Beret. The case is still under investigation.

Many times abusers will use a victim’s love for something to control or to punish. It might be loved ones, children, pets or even property. By threatening harm to the loved person or object it can be a means of control. If they displease the abuser, whatever the victim loves might be destroyed.


Information from the restraining order filed against Harrell  in January alleges that he “threatened everybody in my family … that when he come home he would take out anybody close to me or had anything to do with me or he would send someone to do it for him.”

It also alleges that allegedly beat Thompson with a jar of salsa, punched her, kicked her, slapped her and stalked her.

Neighbors state they had viewed Harrell as a gentle gregarious man. But they were not aware of the previous criminal charges, or of the restraining orders. Picture of Cedric Scott at link. He told media that Harrell and he were as close as brothers.


A second man has been arrested in the murders. Police have arrested 29 year old Cedric Wendell Scott. Police have stated that statements Scott had told media and the police are what led them to look at him for the crime. Scott had told media that Harrell and Thompson had been to his home together about an hour before the shootings, that they came to talk about buying a lawnmower. And he stated that there did not appear to be any problems at that time. Scott was arrested for shooting 67-year-old, Sophia Clarke. Police believe that Harrell shot 63-year-old Roosevelt Clarke. Police believe that after the murders, Scott drove Harrell’s car to his home, then went to his own home. He is not suspected of going to Mississippi.

Scott only has a minor criminal history, marijuanna and traffice charges. He is currently being charged with 1st degree murder and 2 nd degree kidnapping charges.

Reportedly Harrell had shot a previous ex-girlfriend and a man in 1997. He was initially charged with attempted murder, but that charge was reduced to aggravated battery and he was sentenced to 30 months hard labor on each charge.

Records show that another woman had sought a temporary restraining order against Harrell in in 2004. Thompson had requested a restraining order in January and that in the order she stated that Harrell “threatened everybody in my family.”


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