She survived

April Jones, 43, was just pulling into the parking lot at work at 8 am, this morning. Before she even got parked, allegedly she noticed a familiar truck, driven by her estranged husband. Mrs. Jones has told police that she believes that J. Richard Jones, 59, saw her notice him. Because it was at that point that he allegedly began shooting.

Mrs. Jones called 911 and while she remained on the line, dispatchers heard some of the shots. At least three shots were fired, and at least one hit Mrs. Jones vehicle. It went through a window and left a mark on the headrest.

An officer responded to the call and as he pulled in, Mrs. Jones pointed to Mr. Jones’ truck. The officer pulled up behind Jones’ vehicle and took cover behind his car. He ordered Jones out of his vehicle and was trying to talk to him, then heard a shot. Jones had shot himself in the head.

In June, April Jones had filed for divorce. And she recently asked for and was granted a temporary restraining order due to threats she said he had made.

April Jones was not physically hurt in the shooting.;bp=t

Besides the home, a workplace is a very vulnerable area in a relationship where there is domestic violence. Some suggestions I have seen offered are to vary your driving route to and from work if possible. Park in a different area and enter by a different door than usual. If your workplace has security officers, see if they can walk you to and from your vehicle. And yes, keep that cell phone charged and with you. If you spot the person you have a protection order against, you might even try screaming, blowing the horn or what ever you can to draw other’s attention to yourself.

Mrs. Jones was a lucky woman, though I am sure she is pretty shaky after what happened. She kept a cool head, called police while she was still driving, and was alert to the officer pulling in the parking lot. BTW, that is something I probably wouldn’t have been able to manage, I would  have been too busy trying to fit myself under the front seat.

She survived and was not physically injured. I always say not physically injured, because though her injuries may not show, mentally I would guess that she is probably struggling. And sometimes, those injuries can take longer to heal.

A big thanks to Lost In Lima Ohio for this one.

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