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Bloggers read and write about some of the worst crimes in the news. And what you see on the blogs are not the only ones we have read. It can get you down. So now and then we need a little distraction.

Summer is when there are blogger awards. Now, not everyone can win of course. Some lose, some are runner-ups, and some don’t even get nominated. But some just don’t fit the categories. So Lost in Lima Ohio has come up with her own awards, and her own categories.

As you read the blogs you like, maybe you will want to nominate some. Lost in Lima Ohio has come up with these categories. The Angry Woman, The Funny Woman, The Nice Woman, and The Moody Woman. Nominate away, and I am sure that she will let us know when voting begins.

And remember, it is all in fun.


No Names Yet

This story is fairly new, so there are no names yet. I will just call them husband, 48, wife, and boyfriend, 51.

Husband and wife were still married but living apart, and they had a child together. Wife and the child were residing with the wife’s boyfriend.

Husband came to visit his child on Thursday morning. Apparently an argument began between the boyfriend and the husband, allegedly the boyfriend didn’t like the husband visiting. While husband was sitting in a chair, the boyfriend allegedly doused him in a flammable liquid and lit him on fire. Husband was engulfed in flames when he ran screaming from the house. Neighbors say that he began rolling on the ground, but the flames were not going out.

Neighbors covered him with a blanket, and were able to extinguish the flames. But before they were able to do so, three houses caught on fire. One home was gutted, another severely damaged.

Allegedly, after setting the husband on fire the boyfriend was seen stepping out of the house, and was overheard saying “I told you I loved you.” He then walked away.

Husband was burned severly and was hospitalized in critical condition.

Boyfriend has been taken in for questioning.




That isn’t love. That is evil, and pure, plain jealousy.

He knew at some point that the wife had a child. I assume that he knew the wife had a husband and that the child had a father. It would seem logical to me, that he should have realized that the man might visit his child. And since the woman was still married, it would seem logical to me that there was a possibility that at some point the husband and wife might converse, might even attempt to reconcile. He should have known the possibilities of this when he moved the wife and child into his home. And to be honest, there isn’t any indication that there was any attempt at reconciliation of the couple.

Because of one man’s jealousy a child’s father is lying in the hospital in critical condition with severe burns. He would have a worried family. If he manages to survive, there will be tremendous pain, a long recovery, and permanent damage to his body. Not to mention the hospital bills, as burns will require a long hospitalization.

Because of one man’s jealousy, two homes burned, leaving two families homeless, with nothing. Another home was damaged. Three families were endangered as their homes burned. Firefighters called to fight the flames in the heat would be endangered.

Jealousy is not love. Jealousy is an intensely selfish, often unreasonable emotion that is frequently seen in domestic violence situations, and often goes with controlling behaviors.