Not a Happy Birthday

Richard Flores spent the evening of his 49 th birthday sharing beer and pizza with his relatives and his girlfriend. Relatives say he seemed happy, even though his relationship with his girlfriend was sometimes rocky.

The girlfriend Angelina Olivares, 49, was said to be possessive, allegedly she didn’t even like it when his daughter hugged him. Relatives have stated that Flores wanted to leave Olivares, but that she wouldn’t allow it. “Ricky wanted to leave her. I remember she said to him, `The day you leave me for someone else, I’ll kill you.'”

After the birthday gathering the couple returned home. About 2 am, the police recieved a call to come to the address. They found Richard Flores dead in his bed with a sheet around him. A hammer, believed to be the murder weapon was found nearby.

Police believe that Olivares killed him with a hammer, then went to her daughter’s home. She returned to the address with her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend and they then called police. But police say that the couple was alone at the home when Flores was killed.

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