Police were called to a home where they found 27 year old George Dixon on the garage floor of the home, dead from a stab wound.

Present were Dixon’s ex-girlfriend, who lived at the home, and her daughter and the daughter’s 18 year old boyfriend.

According to police, their investigation indicates that Dixon was arguing with his ex-girlfriend. At some point he then began beating her with his fists. Her daughter attempted to intervene and he began beating her also.

At that point the 18 year old boyfriend tried to pull Dixon off the two women, but was unable to do so. The daughter’s boyfriend then grabbed a knife and stabbed the man twice in the back.  Dixon then collapsed on the garage floor.

Dixon was transported to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

No charges have been filed and the reports are being sent to the prosecutor’s office for evaluation.

An angry or raging person tends to focus on the object of that rage. They will usually not pay attention to how others present may be reacting to their anger. They often will not allow them to intervene and if they attempt to do so, they may become involved in the attack if they get between the attacker and the victim.

In this case, luckily the boyfriend was present. At 18 years old, he was forced to kill, in the defense of two others.

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