“They had a history of domestic violence”

Emmanuel Allen, 31, and  Vilma Rosario, 39, had been living together for about 3 years. And police say they had been called to the address at least 4 times in the last 3 years for domestic disputes. Last year Allen was arrested for assaulting Rosario. Reportedly Allen had recently undergone domestic violence counseling.

Police were called there again Fri. Allegedly the couple were arguing in the bedroom of the apartment and Allen pulled out a gun and shot Rosario in the head.

At least three of Rosario’s children were in the home at the time and heard the shots. Rosario’s 15 year old daughter fled the home, telling neighbor’s  “Oh God, he killed my mother! Oh God, he killed my mother!”

Rosario’s 16 year old son and 23 year old son entered the bedroom, and have said they saw their mother lying on the floor. They allegedly saw Allen sitting nearby clutching a gun. Allegedly Allen looked at the boys and said “She’s okay. I didn’t mean to do it.”

At that point the older son, 23, allegedly grabbed a “replica sword” and used it on Allen. Allen dropped the gun and the older son turned the sword over to his younger brother, 16, while he picked up the gun and shot Allen. “My mother, she loved us,” the younger son said. “And that bastard took her away. We tried to save her, but we couldn’t.”

Rosario’s 22 year old son said “She was a loving and caring mother until she met that bastard,” “She did everything for us. And he killed her. He was a jealous freak.”

Allegedly the argument was over Allen’s infidelity. According to Allen’s relatives, Allen had a 19 year old girlfriend who is 5 months pregnant.

A neighbor said that Rosario was afraid of Allen, and that he threatened her a lot. She said Rosario would cry and say ‘Why are you doing this to me? I love you.’ Allegedly two weeks earlier Rosario told the neighbor that she wanted out, but that he wasn’t going to let her.

Allen’s relatives say that Allen had already moved out of the apartment and that he had gone back to the home to get his belongings. They say the pregnant girlfriend was a sign that he had already moved on. Allen’s aunt said “They just couldn’t get along,” “They had a history of domestic violence.”

Prosecutors are reviewing the circumstances, and at this point no charges have been filed against Rosario’s sons.




A lot of times, parents don’t realize what a position they put their children in when they stay with an abusive spouse or partner. The kids want to protect their parent, and many times they can’t. So they suffer. In this case the boys did attempt to protect their mother, and may have done so in the past. But this time they were unablle to save her.

Studies show that in domestic violence cases there is an increased risk of abuse to the children who live in the household. And Rosario’s family has alleged that Allen did attack one of Rosario’s daughters once.

I found it interesting that Rosario’s neighbor says that as recently as two weeks ago that Rosario’s neighbor recalls a conversation where Rosario was reported as saying she wanted out but that Allen wouldn’t let her. And that Allen’s family is saying that he had moved out and moved on. The ending of a relationship doesn’t always end the problems or any controlling behavior that may have been within that relationship.

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