“He knew … that she had four children”

A neighbor walked by Inez Berrett’s apartment on Thursday, where she lived with her boyfriend Henry Dorset, 26, and her four children. The neighbor noted that the couple appeared to be fighting and that Berrett, 33, appeared to be kicking Dorset out. The neighbor said she had dragged several boxes and a large duffel bag out of the apartment.

Later in the evening, the neighbor reported hearing a woman scream. Seconds later he heard 6 shots coming from the dumpster area. The neighbor went outside and saw Dorset walking toward his car. “I asked him, ‘What’s going on?’ He said, ‘Nothing.’ ” Reportedly Dorset then got in his car and drove to the dumpster area where he stopped for a moment then drove on. Another neighbor called police.

When police responded they found Berrett lying by the dumpster with multiple gunshot wounds to the head.

Dorset was arrested later Friday morning and has been charged with murder.

Berrett’s 4 children have been placed in the care of social services. The mayor responded to the scene of the shooting, and he made a comment: “The thing that bothers me is that he knew … that she had four children.”


Berrett was an evacuee from Hurricaine Katrina. After suriviving that, after relocating to a new home…..she gets killed by the violence in her own home.

I have to say that I cannot agree with the Mayor more. Dorset probably had no other thought to anyone, other than his own feelings. If he had considered the grieving family he would cause, the grieving children who would no longer have a mother…….would it have made a difference? He knew she had the children.

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