Kevin and Belinda Henderson’s 20 year old daughter had not heard from her parents in three days. So she drove to their beach side condo Saturday to check on them. Upon arriving she contacted police and told them that she had found them deceased.

Police say that Belinda Henderson, early 50’s, and the couple’s  12 year old daughter Cori, had bags over their heads. I have seen the preliminary cause of death as both strangulation and suffocation. Police have not released a cause of death for Kevin, 42. Nor are they discussing a motive. Authorities believe they may have been dead since Thursday and police believe it was a murder-suicide. They have not released at this point who they believe to have committed the murders or any details. The case is still under investigation.

Little is being said about Cori other than she was in middle school and she loved to skate. Both Henderson’s were active in the community. They worked on several committees and have been said to have been excellent fundraisers. I found one odd comment about Kevin- it is said that he liked to go to events in a hired limousine and he liked to flash money around. Also, “He was never one who could seem to settle on anything,” he said. “He was always reaching for something that he could show off with.”

They were described as friendly and outgoing, though lately they had seemed subdued and had withdrawn from the social scene. Kevin was said to resigned from the civic organization about 3 years ago, and Belinda and Kevin both resigned from other organizations they belonged to about 2 years ago.  The couple were said to be adoring parents.

Both Hendersons’s were former financial planners. During their employment between 2002 and 2004 complaints were made to the company and to a regulatory agency that the couple had steered clients into high risk investments, and the company has paid out $350,000 to settle 9 of the complaints, and has others pending. 18 were said to be against Kevin and about a half a dozen were against Belinda. Another complaint may have been filed as recently as earlier this year.

Kevin Henderson resigned from there in 2003 and his wife took over his accounts. She resigned in 2004. After leaving that firm, Belinda opened another office with another company a few days later.

Media had made contact with Belinda as recently as two weeks ago, and she stated that her husband had quit working as a financial planner because he was tired. It is unknown if the employment troubles were related to the deaths in any way.

I only found one reference to the fact that Kevin liked to throw money around. In all fairness, that could be because others don’t like to say something like that about someone who is so recently deceased or it could have come from someone who didn’t like him very well.

I saw where Belinda opened a new investment firm, but did not see where Kevin went to work anywhere. And I thought the comment that Belinda made about Kevin being “tired” was interesting. Many times severely depressed persons who are having trouble coping will complain of being tired.

Just for supposition, let’s say that Kevin was a bit of a risk taker. And it may have paid off, as I saw frequent references to the couple’s luxury beachside condo. But let’s say the risks began to go against him. Then the complaints against him start and he resigns from his position. That alone would be enough to cause the healthiest person to struggle and maybe become depressed.

So the couple is now down to one income. Hers. That would probably limit the ability to flash much money around and might put constraints on the couple’s spending ability. The social activities then get cut back.

A wife who is the sole provider for a household can cause quite a bit of damage to the male ego. Not that there is anything wrong with it, as a lot of couple’s do so very successfully, while the male in the household picks up other responsibilities in the families life. That works for some couple’s, but not for all. Some males have a strong attachment to the fact that the male has to be the one to support the household, and it would be quite a blow if that weren’t possible.

I don’t know where I am really going with this, but I just find it interesting. To them they probably felt that they were in a very precarious financial situation. Yet my guess would be that Belinda’s income alone would be more than many families combined incomes. Still the life they had known was gradually sliding away.

Whatever happened, I wonder if it crossed their minds that their daughter would be the one to find them. Their daughter would be the one who had to notify authorities, make the arrangements, answer the questions and mourn her mother, father, and sister.  At twenty years of age, she probably hasn’t dealt with death much. And to be hit with such tragic circumstances, it will be very difficult for her. At her age, many young adults still depend on their parents to help guide them through such circumstances.


Media talking about money problems.,0,2407853.story?coll=orl-news-headlines-state

Police are now saying they believe that Kevin Henderson strangled his wife and daughter with a plastic bag over their heads, then placed a bag over his own head and tightened it down with a piece of wire. All three were found on the bed in the master bedroom.


“He knew … that she had four children”

A neighbor walked by Inez Berrett’s apartment on Thursday, where she lived with her boyfriend Henry Dorset, 26, and her four children. The neighbor noted that the couple appeared to be fighting and that Berrett, 33, appeared to be kicking Dorset out. The neighbor said she had dragged several boxes and a large duffel bag out of the apartment.

Later in the evening, the neighbor reported hearing a woman scream. Seconds later he heard 6 shots coming from the dumpster area. The neighbor went outside and saw Dorset walking toward his car. “I asked him, ‘What’s going on?’ He said, ‘Nothing.’ ” Reportedly Dorset then got in his car and drove to the dumpster area where he stopped for a moment then drove on. Another neighbor called police.

When police responded they found Berrett lying by the dumpster with multiple gunshot wounds to the head.

Dorset was arrested later Friday morning and has been charged with murder.

Berrett’s 4 children have been placed in the care of social services. The mayor responded to the scene of the shooting, and he made a comment: “The thing that bothers me is that he knew … that she had four children.”

Berrett was an evacuee from Hurricaine Katrina. After suriviving that, after relocating to a new home…..she gets killed by the violence in her own home.

I have to say that I cannot agree with the Mayor more. Dorset probably had no other thought to anyone, other than his own feelings. If he had considered the grieving family he would cause, the grieving children who would no longer have a mother…….would it have made a difference? He knew she had the children.