Where would you turn?

Where would you turn if you had an adult relative go missing? Of course you would contact police. And they in turn may notify other police agencies. But what then?

Police will usually only come in contact with, or run the information for, people who have broken the law or turned up deceased. So what if your relative doesn’t break any laws, and is still living? Would you want a way to try to reach out to them, to show your concern- to try to locate them? A way to reach out to as many people as possible? The National Center for Missing Adults is accessible to the public, and is viewed by a lot of people all over the country. It increases the chances for an endangered adult to be found.

The National Center for Missing Adults (NCMA) serves as a national repository of information accessible to the general public, advocacy groups, and law enforcement, medical examiners and coroners.

They have been in operation since 2000, and according to their site, they have the following purpose:

1) to establish and maintain a national clearinghouse for missing adults;
(2) to assist law enforcement and families in locating missing adults;
(3) to serve as a national repository of information accessible to the general public, advocacy groups, and law enforcement for the purpose of tracking missing adults who are determined by law enforcement to be endangered due to age, diminished mental capacity, or the circumstances of disappearance are suspicious, when foul play is suspected or circumstances are unknown;
(4) to maintain statistical information of adults reported as missing;

(5) to provide informational resources and referrals to families of missing adults;
(6) to assist in public notification and provide victim advocacy related to missing adults;
(7) to develop and deliver training to improve law enforcement response to missing adults and their families through training and promotion of best practices in service delivery

Like many other agencies, NCMA was heavily involved in reuniting families after Hurricaine Katrina. In doing so, it seriously depleted their funds, and they are in danger of being shut down.

Voice 4 the Missing  and From Whispers to Roars has a post up with more details and ways you can help.

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