Smart use of that cell phone camera

Several witnesses called police and told them that about 7:15 pm on Wednesday, they had seen a man force a woman into a car, and hit her several times. And that is not all they told police. One of the witnesses had taken a picture of the car with their cell phone camera. With that infomation, police were able to use a computerized system to find an ID.

About 8:50 pm, a woman went up to police and told them that she had been trying to break up with her boyfriend. And that he had a knife, and threatened to kill her and her child. She told them that she escaped when he pulled over at a fast food restaurant and went inside for water leaving her in the car.

Police went to the restaurant and arrested Francisco Zuniga, 35, on suspicion of domestic violence, exhibiting a weapon and making criminal threats. Police say the woman was not seriously hurt.

A lot of quick thinking there. Witnesses taking a picture of the car, would help police tremendously. And the woman gathering up to courage to escape the vehicle at her first opportunity, going straight to a police officer. Thankfully, they were all quick thinking, as this one could have ended tragically. And it is good to know that people did what they could to seek help for a complete stranger. Way to go people!

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