Mug Shot

George Henry Frazier III, 37, showed up at the home of his former girlfriends 23 year old daughter. She has told police that he assaulted her and raped her at knifepoint.

She has also told them that forced her to drive her car to an ATM machine and withdraws money, then forced her to drive to a gas station to get gas.

At the gas station, she managed to tell someone she had been kidnapped, and Frazier took off in her car. Police were called, and when they spotted Frazier driving the vehicle they attempted to stop him.

He took off leading police on a chase which ended in his crashing the car.

Frazier has been charged with rape, burglary, robbery, aggravated assault, kidnapping, false imprisonment, theft by taking and fleeing and attempting to elude. Police say that Frazier was uncooperative after his arrest, which resulted in him sticking his tongue out for his mugshot.    (Picture of suspect and his tongue at link)

Not much here about the relationship, or how it affected the case. But you know it had to affect the mother.

He raped her daughter at knifepoint. He stole from her daughter. He wrecked her daughter’s car.

He is facing a whole laundry list of charges. And his response? He flees officers, he wrecks the car, and to show how he feels about what he is accused of doing? He sticks his tongue out for the mug shot. I hope the jury has a chance to see it.

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