“I made a mistake”

Toni Myers, 42, told her 11 year old daughter that she was going to walk down to her ex-boyfriend’s to pick up some of her things Saturday evening.

Friends say that Myers had recently broken up with Shane Geedy. The two had spent a lot of time together until recently. The two had been dating a while, and Geedy is the one who told Myers about a vacant townhouse in his neighborhood last fall. It was convenient then as it was just a few houses down from where Geedy lived. So Myers moved her family there.

Police say that Geedy told them he had been drinking all day when Toni showed up at his home to collect her belongings. The two went to the basement to talk, Geedy wanted a cigarette and he didn’t smoke in his home, only in the basement or outside. Toni was found in the basement, dead from one gunshot to the neck. The coroner says that the gun barrel was less than 3 inches from her neck when she was shot.  

After shooting her, police say that Geedy called a police officer he knew and asked him to meet with him. The two met, and Geedy told the officer that he shot Toni Myers, and gave him the gun. Court records say that Geedy confessed, but was not clear what the argument was about.

Friends say that Myers had been wanting to break up Geedy for a while. They say she had tried before, but Geedy scared her, telling her she would be sorry if did. And they say that Geedy did not want the breakup.

The 11 year old daughter saw police and ambulance’s at Geedy’s home that day. But she knew that Geedy had threatened to kill himself, so she thought that might be what happened. Family says there were no signs of abuse in the relationship. But they became concerned when Toni went to a family party recently without Geedy, and while she was there- Geedy called her 20 times.

Allegedly Geedy had been in relationships before. Since the shooting, another woman has stepped forward. The two had been engaged. They had dated from 1995 until 1999. But when she broke it off, she says that he had stalked her, he had called her constantly and threatened suicide.

She says she was at work when a friend called and told her that Geedy had broken into her home with a loaded gun, and was waiting on her. She called police and they found Geedy in her driveway. He had spent the night in her darkened home, waiting for her. In Feb. 2000 she filed for a protection from abuse order. It is alleged that Geedy had been stalking her since they broke up in December 1999.  Court documents on the protection from abuse order say that Geedy was arrested at the time. But the court records have been expunged, there is no record left to determine the disposition of the case. All that is left is the anecdotal reference and the protection from abuse order.

Shane Geedy has been arrested and is charged with criminal homicide. Charges are being debated on whether to charge him with 1 st degree or 3 rd degree murder.

Toni Myers was the mother of three children, ages 11,14, and 17. Geedy himself has two children, ages 11 and 14.





The legal wrangling on this case has already begun. More detail about that can be found in the last article. No one is disputing that Geedy killed Toni Myers. The wrangling at present is over what degree of charges should be levied against him.

Toni Myers had three young children. She had an extended family. She had friends and co workers. All have lost. From what is being said about her, she was a good mother and a good friend. And all feel tremendous pain and loss.

Geedy has 2 young children. Likely, if they know, they are pretty confused right now. If adults cannot understand how this could happen, how could children be expected to understand.

Geedy allegedly told the officer he called “I made a mistake”. But apparently this wasn’t the first time he made this mistake. Just the first time he was able to carry it through. The way he handled breakups with both girlfriend’s seemed to follow a similiar pattern. A pattern that seems very common in domestic violence situations.

Would it have worked if Myers had gotten a protective order? Maybe, maybe not. Just because it worked once, doesn’t mean it would work the second time. Her only protection might have been a safety plan.



  1. Julie Brown said,

    July 23, 2006 at 2:19 am

    Sweet, I just saw your blog and I think it’s great what you’re doing. It is so difficult for people to understand an abuse victim’s behavior sometimes. Everything they do in the situation is motivated by fear.

    As long is there is some string of attachment it often placates the abuser. It is when that last door is shut that a woman is in the most danger. I’m not pussyfooting around genders because more commonly a man is abusing a woman. I know it happens the other way around and in same sex relationships as well, but how often do you hear about a woman killing her partner? Not nearly as often as a man killing a partner.

    It’s always the same, entirely predictable. And it’s so hard for someone to see the danger they are in, especially in a situation where there wasn’t overt abuse in the past.

    Geedy’s mistake was not realizing his need for power and control over women, and cost Myers her life.

  2. July 23, 2006 at 2:36 am

    Unfortunately it is a familiar story. The numbers of women killing there partners is increasing, though I agree that men killing women still outnumber women killing men.

  3. Jordyn Myers said,

    August 13, 2009 at 1:21 am

    this is tonis daughter, and ive never seen this website before . it sickens me everytime i read about this ; but i am just so glad that shane got what he deserved . i miss my mom so muchh and she was a wonderful woman . i was the 11 year old that they were talking about in here . rest in peace mom

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