Fight or flight

Police were called out on a disturbance call on Saturday evening. When they arrived, they found Pamela Vecsey, 46, with a swollen and bleeding eye. They report that her husband, Roderick Vecsey told them what happed.

The couple had allegedly been arguing about taking their daughter to the doctor. During the argument, he was eating a carrot. Allegedly he said “I threw a carrot at her and hit her in the eye”.

Pamela Vecsey had a 6 hour surgery on Sat. but doctors have said they could not save her eyesight.

Roderick Vecsey been charged with 2 nd degree assault and disorderly conduct. At his arraignment hearing, Vecsey blurted out to the judge that it was a terrible accident.

I’ve done it- once. I was a teen and angry- and I missed. And I distinctly remember my mother saying to me, “what if you had hit her and put her eye out?” I confess, I knew my aim wasn’t that good, and never really thought it could happen. But somehow she got through to me, because I never did it again.

During an argument, you adrenaline levels get high. Commonly called a “fight or flight” response- it is one of our survival instincts and we all have it. When angry or afraid, it helps to increase our strength, hopefully to help us fight harder or run faster than a predator.

One thing an instinct cannot do is think… cannot tell us, this is the wrong action. Our brain has to do that. And we have to train ourselves to allow it. That training usually starts in childhood- remember “that look” good old Mom or Dad used to give when you started getting mad? That was the beginning of training, learning to control that instinct. And it is controllable.

Take ten deep breaths, take a walk, go wash the car, do something active and you can work that adrenalin off. If you don’t it can get you in trouble.

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