She talked to Someone!

David Conti, 40, went out to a bar Saturday night. While there it is said he met a woman, and when the bar closed, he did the gentlemanly thing and walked the lady to her car.

It isn’t documented whether or not he was aware the woman had gotten a protection order on her ex-boyfriend a month ago when assault charges were filed on the ex. And it isn’t documented whether or not he was aware that she may have been with the ex that very day.

As they approached the vehicle, a man approached and began beating Conti. Witnesses say that Anthony J. Sandoval, 37, did not appear to have a weapon, and that Conti was not given a chance to respond.  A passerby just so happened to be an off duty firefighter. He stopped and the man ran off.

Lt. Walt Leadbetter, who had stopped to break up the fight began CPR on Conti until rescue personnel arrived to relieve him. It is reported that he was never able to get a pulse. Conti was transferred to a hospital, where he was later prounced dead. Cause of death is said to have been a brain injury.

David Conti was a single father. He was said to have been a great person and a devoted father. It was said the woman did not even know his last name.

Sandoval reportedly has past convictions- aggravated assault, possession of cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia. And last month he was charged with domestic violence, the case is being sent to the Grand Jury. Sandoval is now charged with murder and felonious assault.

Would you like to guess what police say the motive was?

Yep, jealousy.

Blind, unreasonable jealousy. He allegedly first took an action that harmed the relationship- the first set of charges…..Then he follows that by an unprovoked attack on a stranger……because he was talking with the woman Sandoval wanted to be in a relationship with. He didn’t stop to say- “are you two going out together”? He didn’t say “what do you two mean to each other”? He didn’t even ask “are you two sleeping together”?! He attacked with his bare hands and did not stop until the man was unconscious and someone else had stopped after seeing the “fight”.

Now I am sure someone will say “it’s her fault, she drove him to it”. But she didn’t beat the man. She didn’t assault herself. She went to a bar, and she talked to a MAN!!!! While some of actions may have been questionable as far as her own safety, she did not cause Sandoval to beat Conti. All she did was talk to someone. Sandoval will have to stand in court for his actions.



  1. blythe said,

    July 21, 2006 at 9:26 pm

    I am a distant relative of David’s. No matter what killing should NEVER be an option. I feel that the woman that he took out to the car should have mentioned something about he CRAZY ex. That might have saved a life a young, wonderful, and caring life.

  2. July 21, 2006 at 9:35 pm

    I agree killing should never be an option. But for all I know, she might have mentioned some problems with her ex. From what I read, he sounds like the type of guy who would have walked her to the car if she had mentioned it. I mean I don’t know, but that was just kind of my impression.

  3. Manuel said,

    July 22, 2006 at 6:04 pm

    First off the lady that asked Mr. Conti to walk her to her car had a restraining order against Anthony Sandoval and had been drinking with him earlier in the day. Why, if she had a restraining order then why was she with him? She should not have been with him earlier in the day at all. Also I read through other documents that she has had problems in the past to. I think Mr. Conti was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I know he didn’t deserve to die but this so called lady has a checkerd past also. My sympathies go out to the Conti family.

  4. July 22, 2006 at 10:30 pm

    Thank you for your comment Manuel. I had read that she was with Sandoval earlier in the day. Actually that is not uncommon for domestic abuse victims. And one of the things that they receive the most criticism for. The reasons they do is complicated and yet sometimes very simple. They love the guy/girl who abused them. And when they come back and say they are sorry and start acting nice and loving- it is hard. It happens so frequently that it has it’s own name- it is called the “honeymoon cycle of abuse”. Sometimes it may be that they feel like they are responsible for getting the abuser in trouble, like the abuser got in trouble because they called for help, not because the guy abused them- and when the guy breaks the protection order, they don’t want to see him/her get in more trouble. So when the guy/gal breaks the protection order, they may play nice and try to keep them calm because that is what they are used to doing in the relationship. Sometimes the abuse was a first time event, and the person who was abused may find it hard to believe that the person who hurt them, really meant to hurt them and that it could and likely will happen again.
    The thing is that she did not control Sandoval’s actions. And she likely never thought that any retaliation he took would ever be aimed at anyone other than herself.
    Yes, Conti was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and probably was just being a nice guy by walking her to the car.
    But it was Sandoval who stalked her and who decided to hurt anyone who was nice to her or who talked to her. No one else.

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