Upon release

Leonard Eugene Bracey was accused Thursday of beating his live-in girlfriend. Police were called, and evidently there was also a problem then as he was also charged with battery on an emergency care official. He was charged with domestic battery. He was held on $35,000 bail, which he posted on Sunday. The judge gave him orders to stay away from the woman involved.

Following his release on Sunday, police say he returned to the address. And he began beating the girlfriend again. She managed to escape and ran to a neighbors home. He is said to have broken the handle off a metal spoon and used that to stab her, after he kicked in the neighbor’s door. Her injuries are reported to be non-life threatening.

Leonard Bracey has now been charged with aggravated battery and is being held in jail without bond.


They will go to court. They will hear the judge say to stay away. They may promise the judge to stay away. They may even say they are sorry. They may promise the spouse or girlfriend they will stay away.

That is not a guarantee. A protection order is not a guarantee. You have to be proactive in your own personal safety.

Maybe you’ve gotten protection orders before and they’ve always abided by them. Maybe you believe the apologies or promises are sincere. Maybe you believe that putting them in jail is warning enough. Maybe you really don’t think the person would ever seriously harm you. Maybe you just don’t want to change your whole life because of one person.

The person who was arrested will likely get out of jail. Even the person who has no income, will sometimes be able to come up with the resources for bail. Or they may be released on their own recognizance.

Promises are a lot easier to make than they are to keep. No matter how sincere they may or may not have been or who the promises were made to.  

And though you may believe that the person would never seriously harm you, wasn’t there a time when you never thought they would hurt you?

Don’t take the chance. First get yourself to a place of safety.

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