The aftermath

Police were called to an address for a report of a domestic dispute. Not much is said about the DV incident, but there is a lot about the aftermath.

Paramedics were called to treat the victim. Allegedly Christopher Aleman-Arce, 23, came from the front yard of the residence and began throwing punches at the paramedics. The paramedics were able to hold him down and he was arrested on 3 counts of assault and 1 count each of misconduct at an emergency and resisting arrest.

Police also arrested Luis Ramirez, 24, of the same address. Reportedly, he threw punches at an officer after his arrest and he allegedly kicked out the window of a police car with his feet. He was arrested on charges of domestic violence, vandalism, resisting arrest, assault and several warrants.

There isn’t much said about the domestic violence episode that was the original reason that police were at the address. It indicates the victim was treated at the scene, but doesn’t indicate any injuries or the person’s condition.

Domestic violence calls are among the most dangerous that an emergency worker can face. And they can be unpredictable. It is possible for the victim, to suddenly “defend” the perpetrator, or for other witnesses to interfere if an officer has to struggle with the perpetrator to subdue him/her.

Usually the officers are in an unfamiliar place, where the perpetrator is very aware of the location of any weapons or objects that could be used as weapons.

There is a high level of tension of all persons who may be present at the scene, and all too often there are scared crying children present. Even the children, given confidence by the presence of the officers may attempt to act out against the perpetrator, the victim, or the officers or emergency workers.

The accused perpetrator may give themselves up quietly, or they may try to get through the officer to the victim, or they may try to take on the officer. Or they may try to go after witnesses.

Witnesses, including the victim, may see an attempt to subdue the perpetrator as an attempt to harm them. Or the victim may suddenly recant the initial story, despite any apparent evidence.

Police have often said in the media that domestic violence calls are often dangerous. They have also been known to call them unpredictable. I would say that both statements are an understatement.

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