A screaming woman

Just before 9 pm on Wednesday night police got a call. The caller reported hearing screams and seeing a naked woman trying to escape from her home out of a small bathroom window.

Police responding to the scene found a group of residents in the yard where the incident occurred. They reported that they had attempted to come to the woman’s aid, but that a man with a long serrated knife had been holding a knife to her throat and dragged the woman back into the home by her hair.

When an officer entered the home, the suspect let the officer know that he had dropped the knife and the officer was able to handcuff him. The woman grabbed a robe and ran out of the home.

The woman told officers that she had been married to Barry G. Smith, 51, for 13 years, but that they had recently divorced. Smith had shown up at the home, reportedly to pick up some important papers, so she had reluctantly opened the door.

She also told officers that when she opened the door, he had barged in and began choking her, then had grabbed a knife. Reportedly he told her “I’m gonna kill you and kill myself. I have to kill you because I do not want to go back to prison, and I know you will call police.”

He reportedly forced her into the bedroom and forced her to remove her clothing. He then raped her. He told her that he was going to rape her until midnight, then he was going to kill her, but first he had to move his car. He tied her wrists and ankles with shoelaces and went outside. She said that it was at that point that she tried to escape through the window.

Other area residents had attempted to help the woman, and had tried to get the man to give up the knife. But he allegedly told them he was going to go to prison for life anyway.

The woman was taken to the hospital for a rape exam,  and the evidence found during the exam was consistant with her story to officers.

Smith was found to be sweating heavily, and panting so paramedics also saw to him and he was transported to the hospital where he remains due to some type of kidney problem. Paramedics told officers that Smith had told them that he had used cocaine for the last few days and that his last use was about 15 minutes prior to being taken into custody.

Smith has been charged with kidnapping, rape, unlawful imprisonment and aggravated assault.


Many people seem to equate rape with a desire for sex. Rape is not a desire for sex. Rape is about forcing dominance and control, pain and humiliation. And even though there may or may not be a sexual release, it is more a release for rage. This article certainly proves that out.

At some point thirteen years earlier, this woman chose Smith as a husband. And even though they were divorcing, she may have had some good memories remaining of her marital life. Likely he has destroyed them with one drug fueled, raging, rape.

Yes, she was raped, she was humiliated, but she survived. She will be free to pick up the pieces of her life and go on. He however, will be facing incarceration while awaiting court, a trial, and if convicted will possibly be facing prison. Others will be in charge of domination and control now.

And just because I think it is important to point out……others saw the woman’s distress. And they attempted to come to her aid and they called for assistance. While they may not have been successful at getting the knife away from the man, likely it was because of their distracting Smith that prevented him from having the time to kill his wife. So thank you for restoring some measure of my faith that others would help in a life threatening situation.