One instant

James Stetson Jr., 30, lived with his father. And about 6 months ago, his girlfriend Marisol Rodriguez, 33, moved in with them.

Friday night the two went to a church carnival, where they visited with friends and neighbors. The friends say they saw no problems at that time, other than the fact that someone had punctured a tire on Stetson’s vehicle. And they say they didn’t hear any loud voices or anything from the house later.

However, police believe that there was a domestic dispute that ended in the stabbing of James Stetson, Jr. They were called to the home and found him in the bathroom with one stab wound to the neck. He was transported to the hospital, where he died about 1:07 am.

Neighbors say that when Rodriguez was led from the home by police, she was hysterical and screaming. She has been charged with unlawful possession of a weapon and murder.

Police say they did not have any previous reports of domestic violence at the home. But neighbors say there had been a couple of loud arguments in the street. They thought she was more the aggressor.

One instant is sometimes all it takes. One moment of “losing control” is enough to take a person’s life. One stab wound, and that is enough. One instant can permanently take one person’s life, and change the life of the other.

If you have problems with “temper” or “loss of control” whether dealing with a spouse, a child, or others- I strongly encourage you to seek out anger management treatment. It does not have to be court ordered. You can voluntarily seek it out. But you need to do so, before it is to late- for someone else as well as for yourself.

Contact your local crisis line, mental health center, or domestic violence agency for finding help in your area.

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