So little time

Maria Sierra (Cornejo), 33, was found outside her home early on Tuesday. Police have not released her cause of death, and are not releasing details of the murder, but neighbors report being awakened by what they believed to be gunfire about 1-1:15 am on Tues. morning. One neighbor went to see what happened and when the motion sensor lights went on, he could see her lying in a pool of blood.

Police began looking for her husband, Gustavo Sierra, 40, for questioning and announced he was considered to be armed and dangerous. The car he had been driving was located Tues. afternoon, and by Wednesday Wednesday afternoon, Sierra had been captured and arrested. He was charged with first degree murder.

Reportedly Sierra does have a criminal history. He was previously convicted of domestic abuse in Nov. 2004, for which he spent two days in jail. Last Sept. he was charged with domestic abuse and 2 days later, a Maria Sierra filed for an order of protection against him. He spent 29 days in jail. Then in March of this year, he was again convicted of domestic abuse and served 7 days in jail.

He also has convictions for drunken driving, violations of a no contact order, and obstruction with emergency communications.

According to her obituary, Maria Sierra had four children who are currently staying with family friends.

I cannot help but be struck again. 4 more kids, now motherless. I don’t know if Gustova Sierra is the father, but if he was then they are virtually fatherless also, because if he is convicted he will be unavailable to them.

Again a history of multiple convictions for domestic crimes, yet with the three convictions listed, by my count he served only 38 days in jail. And that doesn’t count any convictions he received for the violation of a protective order.


Pleading not guilty.


The trial was due to begin on Dec. 12 th, but the defense requested and was granted a suspension of the proceedings based on the fact that a doctor’s evaluation has stated that Sierra may be suffering from depression. Pending a mental evaluation of Sierra.



  1. Wendy said,

    July 9, 2006 at 3:45 am

    This is my biggest problem with the criminal justice system…there are not strict enough penalties for abusing your wife. I’ve seen people get sentenced to more time for a lesser crime and time and time again, the repeat dv offender gets a slap on the wrist. There is nothing to deter this behavior. This guy served 38 days total, I have to say that’s a lot more than I’ve seen in my work. Not saying it’s okay, just saying I’m surprised he even got that. It just turns my stomach.

  2. July 9, 2006 at 3:50 am

    I have to agree. People often seem to blame the victim, because they go back. But often, they don’t really have a chance to get free, because as soon as they make a complaint, the guy is back on their doorstep within a matter of hours. It is no wonder they often feel that no one will help them.

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