During the celebration

With the community gathered to celebrate the July 4 th holiday the streets were full of onlookers. At one house a 17 year old boy said that Fred Warren, 35, had asked him for $10 to buy more beer, but the boy refused. A short time later, there was screaming and a gunshot from the home Warren occupied.

Neighbors say Warren shot his wife Brenda Warren, 35,  wife twice in the chest in the home. They also allege that after she was shot she ran out of the home, and that Warren ran out after her. He reloaded and shot again, this time hitting her in the back of the head. He then shot himself in the head and was killed instantly.

Neighbors also say that Brenda Warren’s 16 year old daughter was in the home, and that the two younger children, ages 9 and 15 years of age had just left to join the celebration. The couple’s lifeless bodies were left in the street for some time while police processed the scene.

Neighbors say that the couple had been known to argue and fight before. And one neighbor says police were called. “This is not something that just happened out of the blue,” she said. “They were never arrested, just dispersed. They would go back inside.” And they say that Fred Warren was often belligerent to passersby. Police say they did not have any records of domestic violence at the home.

A family friend has said that Brenda Warren had talked about leaving Fred. And she thinks she knows why Brenda may not have done much about what was happening in the home. The older daughter was in foster care and Brenda was working to get her back in the home.

“I think the reason she didn’t do too much about it is because she’s working to get Santana back,” Misiuk said. “She had worked hard at turning her life around so she could get Santana back in her life. . . . If DHS got wind of (domestic problems), they wouldn’t do it.” I haven’t found any discussion of why the older child was in foster care, but the two younger children were in the home.

The police chief made a statement “In spite of all the efforts that have taken place to educate people about domestic violence and efforts to avert these types of things, I think the message doesn’t get through and we’re still confronted by these horrendous scenes.” And he says that it is unfortunate that police were unable to intervene sooner.

Reportedly the three children in the home were the couple’s child they had together and each of the couple had a child from a previous relationship. Reportedly the children have been placed with family and friends by protective services.

Police say that Fred Warren has a history of assaults.

Friends and coworkers have spoken of how pleasant Brenda Warren was, that she was a good friend and a good worker.



Outreach workers are urging people to come forward and report suspected domestic abuse.


Things differ from state to state. In some states, the complainant must agree to file charges against the person who is suspected of abusing them. In some states, an officer who sees evidence of an assault can file the charges without the cooperation of the victim. I am not sure which this state follows.

But I did find it interesting that the neighbors do say that police had been called before and nothing was done, yet police say there is no record of domestic violence and are urging people to come forward with complaints of domestic violence.

Yet if there was a call to the home for violence, and the victim did not press charges, police might be constrained on how much they can say about it, since there was no conviction. Then again, if there was a compliant from a neighbor, and fighting in the street- wouldn’t that be disorderly conduct or something?

A big thanks to Steve from Secrets from Within for the tip on this one.

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