Two days of Terror

Last Wednesday night around midnight, 39 year old James Eric Parker reportedly went to the home of Danny Watterson, 45. There he found Watterson with Parker’s estranged wife, Kimberly Raye Parker, I have also seen her called Kimberly Gilbert. 

Gilbert and Parker had only been married about a year. There were already problems in the relationship as Kimberly Gilbert had filed for divorce earlier that week. Parker allegedly shot Watterson in the head and forced his wife into a vehicle and took off.

A 16 year old boy in the home heard arguing and then the shots. He fled the home and called 911 telling police that his dad had been shot in the head. Police who responded to the home, found the victim slumped in a chair, shot in the head and shoulder.

A search began for Parker, who was considered to be armed and dangerous. Allegedly  “He has made statements to family that he would probably kill himself and her before the sun comes up”.

Two days went by then some contact must have been made between authorities and Parker, because Parker did agree to give himself up.

The vehicle was spotted by law enforcement and stopped. Parker was placed under arrest without incident. Kimberly Gilbert has told law enforcement that they spent the two days driving around on rural roads in order to stay hidden.

Police say the “love triangle” and jealousy were the motive in  the murder. Gilbert reportedly had been severely beaten and was reported to have two black eyes and lacerations, but she will be OK.

Gilbert, Parker and Watterson all worked together.

First she sees her boyfriend shot, by the man she once loved. Then forced into a vehicle driving around for two days. I wonder if she heard the threat that she and he would both be dead by the time the sun came up? Even if she had not, she must have known the danger she was in. Two days of terror.

Whatever she said, whatever she did, he stayed calm enough that she did see the sunrise. But even then the terror was not over. Two days of driving with a man she knew to be a killer, possibly knew had threatened her. Yet it was the same man she had married and had made plans for the future with. The same man she had decided that she could not remain married to.

There is at least one teen involved here. After finding his father dead, he was left with his father’s body to wait for police and answer their questions. Nothing he could do for his Dad, probably afraid the killer would return, not able to give way to grief, the wait for police must have felt interminable.



  1. william wattterson said,

    January 4, 2008 at 10:34 am

    i was accually 16 when this happen my dad , and he was 45 not 42 ….

  2. January 4, 2008 at 11:58 pm

    William, I am sorry for what happened to your Dad. I know this year has to be tough on you, but I do hope you are getting along ok.

    Also, thank you for pointing out that error. Sometimes in the early media reports some details will be in error. I have corrected the post to reflect the correct info.

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