What does it take?

Joe and Flores Crow were a quiet couple. They were divorced, but some reports say that he had moved back into the home to help with the rent. Both were described as nice people, though there was at least one negative opinion of Joe Crow. Flores Crow worked at Walmart and at a restaurant.

One report alleges that Joe Crow may have been drinking when he went to pick up Flores Crow from Walmart early Monday. About 1 am 14 year old Emily Crawford ran up to an apartment building, saying that her mother and stepfather had been shot. She too had been shot in the face. She was transferred to the hospital, a neighbor has said that the bullet shattered her jaw and that she could lose an arm.

In a vehicle nearby authorities found the bodies of Joe and Flores Crow. A gun was reportedly found between Joe Crow’s legs.

A young friend of Emily Crawford had this to say about Joe Crow: “The dad was a punk before; he used to hit them. Then after he thought about it, he didn’t want to hit them,” “He was talking to me last night, like 10 or 11 (p.m.), and he was like, ‘I don’t care what happens to Emily, no joke, no joke, I don’t care.’ He was stressed, I guess.”

There are 4 other children in the family. They are now with a relative.



What does it take to cause a person to take another’s life? Anger? Rage? Hopelessness? A disregard for human life? A need for power and control over someone’s destiny?

The teen’s comment about the family being hit, was that abuse or was it discipline?

I don’t claim to know the answers. I just know there are now four other children, grieving for their mother and worried about their sister. A total of 5 kids, who now probably have their own feelings of anger.