Saturday night an off duty police officer was arguing with his wife. At some point during the argument, the wife picked up a gun and shot her husband twice, hitting him in the arm and lower body.

He ran from the apartment, to a nearby bus stop. Meanwhile his wife had gotten into a vehicle, which she then used to ram the bus stop in what appeared to be an attempt to run him over. The vehicle narrowly missed a woman who was also at the bus stop.

The wife then got out of the vehicle and chased the husband on foot. The officer fired a shot, possibly a warning shot as it hit the ground and did not do any damage.

The officer was taken to the hospital and treated and released. The wife was arrested suspicion of attempted murder. Further investigation will be done, as this was an officer involved shooting.

When she was taken into custody, the wife was treated for heavy breathing.

Heavy breathing? I guess attempted murder must be hard work.

I found it interesting that none of the articles on this episode give the names of either the offender or the victim. All say the names are not being given, due to the fact that they were involved in a domestic dispute. That seems to be a bit unusual to me. Certainly at the point that the wife was arrested, the record of her arrest- including her name, became public record.


The couple were newlyweds, they had only been married for about a month and the wife has been named. She is Yolanda Yvette Cade, 38. Further details of the crime have been given. The argument was reportedly over a text message that Cade found on her husband’s phone, to another woman. At the time that Cade was alleged to have attempted to run her husband down, she had her two teenage daughters and a baby grandchild in the vehicle with her. She has also been charged with child endangerment.

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