Anything but run-of-the-mill

Police recieved a report from a woman that 25-year-old Efren Gonzales had allegedly assaulted her. And she told them where to find him.

Police went to the address she had provided and found him sleeping or passed out on the porch. Police say that he first gave them a false name. Then he began fighting them. So they tased him. He broke the wires away, and continued to fight. They tased him again and were finally able to get him into custody.

Police say that it could have been much worse. “He’s lucky to be alive. The first officer was yelling, ‘He’s going for my gun.’ If they had understood him, they probably would have shot him.”

Efren Gonzales was charged with multiple charges including domestic assault, assault on peace officers, and resisting arrest. He is not the only one charged. Police say that his brother and his brother’s wife interfered in the arrest and they have been charged with  interfering with police.

Domestic violence cases are one of the cases that most officers dread. They are unpredictable. Not only can the accused resist arrest, but witnesses or other bystanders can get involved. It has even been known for the victim to attempt to interfere with an arrest. Tensions are often high for everyone present. Many times there are children present, scared and crying.

Often they have situations where it is he said/she said and they have to attempt to determine who is injured, who appears to have committed the most violence.

And frequently they go to the same addresses over and over.

So they don’t like domestic violence cases. But if they didn’t go, there would be a lot more murders.

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