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Normally, I post regularly about domestic related crimes that are chronicled in the news, somewhere in the U.S. The majority are murders of husbands, wives, children, parents, grandparents, boyfriends or girlfriends. And I don’t post every one I see.

One thing I have not been doing is posting too many where violence in the home is a factor, but do not go as far as murder- and  there are a lot of them out there.

Tonight in order to emphasize the extent of the problem, instead of one more detailed post, there is a series…..

Nicole L. Campbell, 32, accused of the murder of her husband Gary Campbell. Two children in the home at the time were not witnesses to the shooting.


Rosalinda Martinez, 39, wounded in a shooting by her husband. Husband was later found dead. Couple had two children, one was in the home at the time of the shooting.


Wife and husband arguing. Wife takes child and gets into a vehicle and leaves. Husband follows in another vehicle and strikes wife’s vehicle with his vehicle. Reportedly he knew his wife and child were in the vehicle, husband alleges he did not mean to strike the vehicle, he was only trying to get wife to stop.


Kristine Miranda, 19, beaten to unconciousness and believed driven to the hospital and dropped off by her boyfriend, Edwin Antonio Vega- street name “Tech-9,” age 22. In critical condition.


46 year-old Ralph Charles Clarke arrested and accused of beating his wife and her 16 year old daughter. This is his 4 th time to be charged with domestic abuse.


Richard Lee Bivens, originally arrested on charges of child abuse, now additional charges of sexual molestation and sexual abuse are added.


Robert and Megan Mason, both 33, additional sex abuse charges against the couple who are accused of sexual abuse of Robert Mason’s two children.


Mother charged with child endangering and accused of having her 12 year old son hide her crack cocaine in his pocket, to keep it from being found by police.


Joseph Guimares, 41charged with 3 rd degree assault for allegedly hitting his wife, among a variety of other charges.


Joshua Reineke was being held on charges of domestic violence in a facility called Turning Point. On an inmate visit Reineke and April Flanagan made a plan for escape, and on Sunday Flanagan pulled up to the facility’s back door. Both were captured at Flanagan’s home about an hour later.


I believe these have all come up in the news sometime within the last few days. And the sad part is- this was a quick search, I know I didn’t get all of them.

If you see a family/intimate crime in the news this week, that you would like to see added to this post, then submit it in the comments section and I will add it to the post. Please post the url of the article.


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  1. susan said,

    November 17, 2009 at 6:18 pm

    well let me tell you guys that ive known richard bivens 4 14 years and i just dont understand how this abuse happened! and gosh darnit 4 some reason i cant get to the article to read it! will someone please send it to my email? susanb696@yahoo.com thanx!

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