A little different

Normally, I post regularly about domestic related crimes that are chronicled in the news, somewhere in the U.S. The majority are murders of husbands, wives, children, parents, grandparents, boyfriends or girlfriends. And I don’t post every one I see.

One thing I have not been doing is posting too many where violence in the home is a factor, but do not go as far as murder- and  there are a lot of them out there.

Tonight in order to emphasize the extent of the problem, instead of one more detailed post, there is a series…..

Nicole L. Campbell, 32, accused of the murder of her husband Gary Campbell. Two children in the home at the time were not witnesses to the shooting.


Rosalinda Martinez, 39, wounded in a shooting by her husband. Husband was later found dead. Couple had two children, one was in the home at the time of the shooting.


Wife and husband arguing. Wife takes child and gets into a vehicle and leaves. Husband follows in another vehicle and strikes wife’s vehicle with his vehicle. Reportedly he knew his wife and child were in the vehicle, husband alleges he did not mean to strike the vehicle, he was only trying to get wife to stop.


Kristine Miranda, 19, beaten to unconciousness and believed driven to the hospital and dropped off by her boyfriend, Edwin Antonio Vega- street name “Tech-9,” age 22. In critical condition.


46 year-old Ralph Charles Clarke arrested and accused of beating his wife and her 16 year old daughter. This is his 4 th time to be charged with domestic abuse.


Richard Lee Bivens, originally arrested on charges of child abuse, now additional charges of sexual molestation and sexual abuse are added.


Robert and Megan Mason, both 33, additional sex abuse charges against the couple who are accused of sexual abuse of Robert Mason’s two children.


Mother charged with child endangering and accused of having her 12 year old son hide her crack cocaine in his pocket, to keep it from being found by police.


Joseph Guimares, 41charged with 3 rd degree assault for allegedly hitting his wife, among a variety of other charges.


Joshua Reineke was being held on charges of domestic violence in a facility called Turning Point. On an inmate visit Reineke and April Flanagan made a plan for escape, and on Sunday Flanagan pulled up to the facility’s back door. Both were captured at Flanagan’s home about an hour later.


I believe these have all come up in the news sometime within the last few days. And the sad part is- this was a quick search, I know I didn’t get all of them.

If you see a family/intimate crime in the news this week, that you would like to see added to this post, then submit it in the comments section and I will add it to the post. Please post the url of the article.


To get back at her

Corinthian Houston, 5, was at his home with his grandmother Saturday night. His mother, Pamela Fisher was away from the home. His grandmother noticed that he had disappeared about 9 pm and she asked about him. Someone told her that a green van had pulled up and picked him up. Allegedly the witness also said that in the van were Terrence Carter and one of his coworker’s George Herring III. Police said attempts were made to contact the two, but were unsuccessful. Arrest warrants were sworn out on the two men charging them with the kidnapping.

Police went to the home of Terrance Carter, 26, about 2:30 am and picked him up for questioning. They found George Herring III at a motel. Both were taken in for questioning.

The boy’s mother Pamela Fisher, called the Carter home requesting information on where her son might be. One of the Carter family recalled earlier in the day seeing Terrance Carter coming out of an abandoned home next door. Carter’s brother went to the abandoned house, and found the child about 3 am. He was sitting in a chair that had always been in the house. He was dead and allegedly his body and the chair he was sitting in had been burned. The rest of the house was intact. Carter’s mother called police. Police are not confirming that the child’s body was burned, but the state fire marshall was called in.  

Reportedly Carter and the mother Pamela Fisher had a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. The two worked together. According to police this was an attempt to get back at the mother. According to Carter’s family the relationship was troubled with fighting. Pamela Fisher told reporter’s not to believe anything “that convict’s family” said.  





He was 5. He had no control and probably no input on who his mother dated. He had no involvement in their relationship troubles, though they probably affected him indirectly. And he had no control over the relationship that his mother had with Carter. Yet, he is the one who was chosen to die.

It is interesting that the mother in the midst of her grief would make the statement not to listen to the “convicts family”. Who knows what the mother is alleged to have done? It doesn’t really matter. Because Corinthian had nothing to do with it! But because an alleged adult was unhappy with the relationship with the child’s mother, the child died. To get back at her. I can think of nothing that the mother could have done that would justify the death of an innocent child.


Corinthian Houston was found tied to a leather chair, police say an electrical cord was around his neck, but was reported as not being tight enough to have caused strangulation. Police believe the child may have been alive when he was set on fire. Police also say that Terrance Carter has “pretty well confessed to it“.  



Additional information about the kidnapping and murder of Corinthian Houston. The grandmother talks about Corinthian and about the events of that day.


Southern Sass on Criminal Activity Today or SSCAT is also blogging on this.

Anything but run-of-the-mill

Police recieved a report from a woman that 25-year-old Efren Gonzales had allegedly assaulted her. And she told them where to find him.

Police went to the address she had provided and found him sleeping or passed out on the porch. Police say that he first gave them a false name. Then he began fighting them. So they tased him. He broke the wires away, and continued to fight. They tased him again and were finally able to get him into custody.

Police say that it could have been much worse. “He’s lucky to be alive. The first officer was yelling, ‘He’s going for my gun.’ If they had understood him, they probably would have shot him.”

Efren Gonzales was charged with multiple charges including domestic assault, assault on peace officers, and resisting arrest. He is not the only one charged. Police say that his brother and his brother’s wife interfered in the arrest and they have been charged with  interfering with police.


Domestic violence cases are one of the cases that most officers dread. They are unpredictable. Not only can the accused resist arrest, but witnesses or other bystanders can get involved. It has even been known for the victim to attempt to interfere with an arrest. Tensions are often high for everyone present. Many times there are children present, scared and crying.

Often they have situations where it is he said/she said and they have to attempt to determine who is injured, who appears to have committed the most violence.

And frequently they go to the same addresses over and over.

So they don’t like domestic violence cases. But if they didn’t go, there would be a lot more murders.


Saturday night an off duty police officer was arguing with his wife. At some point during the argument, the wife picked up a gun and shot her husband twice, hitting him in the arm and lower body.

He ran from the apartment, to a nearby bus stop. Meanwhile his wife had gotten into a vehicle, which she then used to ram the bus stop in what appeared to be an attempt to run him over. The vehicle narrowly missed a woman who was also at the bus stop.

The wife then got out of the vehicle and chased the husband on foot. The officer fired a shot, possibly a warning shot as it hit the ground and did not do any damage.

The officer was taken to the hospital and treated and released. The wife was arrested suspicion of attempted murder. Further investigation will be done, as this was an officer involved shooting.

When she was taken into custody, the wife was treated for heavy breathing.



Heavy breathing? I guess attempted murder must be hard work.

I found it interesting that none of the articles on this episode give the names of either the offender or the victim. All say the names are not being given, due to the fact that they were involved in a domestic dispute. That seems to be a bit unusual to me. Certainly at the point that the wife was arrested, the record of her arrest- including her name, became public record.


The couple were newlyweds, they had only been married for about a month and the wife has been named. She is Yolanda Yvette Cade, 38. Further details of the crime have been given. The argument was reportedly over a text message that Cade found on her husband’s phone, to another woman. At the time that Cade was alleged to have attempted to run her husband down, she had her two teenage daughters and a baby grandchild in the vehicle with her. She has also been charged with child endangerment.



Oh, they caught me!

Police were called to an address on a report of an injured person about 6″30 am on Saturday. When they arrived they found the woman had been taken to the hospital, and the suspect  Kevin Butler Jr., 29, had left on foot.

The female victim had been stabbed in the stomach several times and was reported to be in critical condition.

While police were there interviewing witnesses, the suspect was sighted. Police gave chase and the suspect began stabbing himself in the stomach. A deputy then shot him with a pepper ball. He was taken to the hospital for self inflicted stab wounds where he was treated and released.

Kevin Butler Jr. has been booked on suspicion of attempted murder.


Some will say that he attempted to kill himself by stabbing himself. But I would like to point out that he didn’t start stabbing himself until after he came to the attention of police.