Is your teen using MySpace?

Some articles across the web will discourage allowing a kid to use myspace. Some urge caution. Some outline the advantages of allowing a kid to use the social networking site. Which do you follow? Each parent needs to make their own decision on whether or not to allow their child to use the site. But if they are allowed, then I urge all parents to monitor their child’s site and the activity there. And I encourage every parent to insist that if their child is using any site to know their passwords. An invasion of privacy you say? It’s your child, and you have to determine not only how much you trust your child, but also how much you trust the people your child comes into contact with on an open internet site, where sexual predators, drug dealers and  other criminal types are known to hang out. Even the police are known to check out some sites, though of course they cannot monitor every site, every day.

But what happens if your child is using the site, and you want to change some aspect of it? Optymyst at Look Who’s Tattling Now has a great post on the options available on myspace. Look them over, decide what you think will be most appropriate and helpful on your teens site, and then work with your teen on installing them.

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