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On June 29 th, I posted about Michelle Dieterle. She and her boyfriend were at her apt, and in the very early morning hours her ex-husband came into the home, ordered the boyfriend to leave and which he did. While he was calling 911, Michelle Dieterle died of stab wounds. When police arrived they found Michelle Dieterle dead, and the ex-husband Ryan Dieterle in the apartment with cuts to his neck. You can find the previous post here.

Normally when I update, I post it at the end of the original post. But there is enough information here that it deserves a separate post.

Originally, police stated there was no sign of forced entry into the apartment. Now authorities believe that Dieterle climbed the side of the building to the balcony, climbed over the rail and gained entry to the apartment.

Ryan Dieterle had gone to court on May 30, on the previous domestic violence charge. Dieterle pled not guilty and asked to be released on bond. The judge asked Michelle if she was afraid of her husband, and she said “Not necessarily” The judge asked Dieterle if he would obey a court order to stay away from his ex-wife and her children. His response was “That is no problem.” Michelle Dieterle indicated she was ok with that.

The judge then issued the protective order for Dieterle to stay away from his wife and her children. And he ordered Dieterle into the electronic monitoring program. The alarm would sound if Dieterle got too far away from home or work. Michelle Dieterle was given the option of having her own alarm that would go off if Dieterle approached her house, but she declined. Sometime on Wed. the alarm went off, when it went off is not given.

Michelle Dieterle’s mother has said that Dieterle had been calling and text messaging her. And that one night in the past he had showed up on her balcony, when he was supposed to be at work.

The grandmother had picked up Michelle Dieterle’s two children the previous Saturday for a week’s visit. So they were with her that night. The two little girls are aged 7 and 8. Dieterle was not their biological father, even though the girls called him Dad. When the grandmother heard the news about her daughter, she had to tell the little girls. “I told them I had really bad news: Their mommy had been killed.” But she did not tell them that Dieterle had killed her.  

Michelle Dieterle was a junior at the University of Cincinnati. She was studying criminal psychology.

Many times abuse victims say they don’t think the abuser would seriously harm them. They don’t think the man they know and have loved, could or would go that far. What they often don’t consider is that their belief that the abuser wouldn’t go that far, is often wishful thinking. They don’t want to believe they will go that far. Just because they have stopped short of murder in the past, doesn’t mean they will stop short in the future.

Again, think safety plan if you have to file for a protective order.

A couple of things make me really curious. Just when did that alarm go off on Wed. and what was police response to it? There is no mention of their responding to Dieterle’s address or to Michelle’s. Was Michelle warned of the alarm going off?


There is information now about what happened when Dieterle’s alarm went off.

The alarm went off at 3:17 AM. But when it flashed up on the computer, police only knew Dieterle left his home, they didn’t know where he went. They say that had Michelle Dieterle accepted the JurisMonitor that was offered to her, that she would be alive today. The JurisMonitor is a personal alarm that will go off if the accused offender comes within 500 feet of the victim’s residence. But since she did not have one, they had no way of knowing that Dieterle was on his way to Michelle’s apartment.

Police say that when Dieterle’s alarm went off, the only thing they could do was file paperwork with the court to revoke his bond, and they did that about 9 am, after Michelle was dead.

Police say they did not have any idea where Dieterle was after the alarm went off, until they received a call from her boyfriend telling them that Dieterle had broken into Michelle’s apartment. The alarms only telll them that the person is not where they should be, but they are not GPS equipped and do not tell them where they are. They say the GPS alarms are more expensive.

Maybe it is just me. But I would think that when Dieterle’s alarm went off, a call to the potential victim would be in order. After all that is the reason he was required to wear a monitor while he was out on bond, because of the potential danger to the victim that he represented. Yeah, maybe he just went to the store for a snack or a pack of cigarettes. But better to be safe than sorry.  

Don’t get me wrong. I like the idea of the monitors. If the accused offender has to be bonded out jail, despite the danger he represents to the victim, then I think that putting a monitor on them is great. But the monitor’s are only as good as the system that operates them. A monitor going off, is an indication that the accused offender is beyond the monitoring of the police department, and thus the victim should be notified- irregardless of whether she has the alarm or not.

Yes, Michelle Dieterle made a mistake in not accepting the JurisMonitor. But her real mistake was in trusting the established “system” to keep her safe. Had she had the JurisMonitor she might have been alive today. But one phone call would have had the household awake, alert, and prepared. That might have worked also.



  1. Anonymous said,

    June 30, 2006 at 5:28 pm

  2. voxy said,

    August 4, 2007 at 5:48 pm

    BUT it wouldn’t do the slightest bit of good if he removed his own device which many of them do. Additionally, WHY does the judge ask this in FRONT of the offender?? IT would be so much better if this were kept secret like the LO-Jack system.
    RIP ms. dieterle.

  3. Lori said,

    September 23, 2007 at 4:15 pm

    This all seems really weird to me I know Ryan and he just doesn’t seem like the type that could have done something like this… The statements that have been made in reguards to this case are not always mathcing up… And why would Michelle’s boyfriend leave and if Ryan was to do this why did he stay at the seen. Plus to me it looks as if they were bith wounded by knifes so, who wounded Ryan??? Was Michelles boyfriend ever even questioned??? Just doesn’t seem like this is some thing that ryan could have done.. I feel sorry for not only michelle and her family but for Ryan and his family too. Besides Ryan was previouly married to another woman I know and there was never demostic violence there?????

  4. September 23, 2007 at 6:24 pm

    It is often hard to believe that someone we know, maybe even love could be capable of this. And later there are always questions. But my questions tend more toward why was Ryan at her address? Why did he leave the monitored area and break a protective order? Was Ryan suicidal afterwards, or his wounds obtained in a defensive move? I can understand that in the dark and confusion of an attack, someone in the home might feel that his best or only recourse would be to go for help. As Michelle had told the court that she did not fear Ryan, Michelle may even have sent him- thinking that she would stall Ryan until help arrived. Some of those questions will most likely be addressed during the trial. As for the BF being questioned, it is standard procedure that all parties be questioned after a report (both the BF and Ryan) and I have no reason to believe that there would have been any departure from that at this time. Also police don’t rely simply on the interviews. They also look at the evidence.
    I do understand that Ryan’s family would be having difficulties at this time. No matter what he has done or is accused of, they still love him (and there is nothing wrong with that)- and this cannot be easy on them. Had they been aware, they most likely would have stopped him. For his sake as well as hers. But they did not have that opportunity.

  5. susan said,

    September 28, 2007 at 10:21 pm

    I have known Ryan for about six years, and I can honestly say that I am not one bit suprised that he did this and the people who acctually knew him are lying of they say otherwise. ryan was an angry, violent, and jealous man with may addiction problems. he did have a violent past and a few domestic violence charges. maybe his ex wife misty was just not as stong as Michelle was and was too afraid of him to take action if he was absusive. i do feel sorry for ryan’s family becasue they are good people, but i hope that he pays to the fullest extent for what he did. no one should have ever had to go through what Michelle did that night.

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