A Busy Couple of Weeks

On June 23, neighbors were picking up the mail for one of their neighbors. In the bushes near the home, they found a woman’s body. This happened in Aiken, S.C.

The body was badly decomposed. Identification was made through dental records and she was found to be the 83 year old resident of the home, Dale Baldwin. The autopsy was incolclusive as to the cause of death.

Baldwin had shared the home with her son, Craig Baldwin, 57.  Police believe that she had been dead since about June 16. Police began looking for the son to talk to him about his mother’s death. He is considered to be the only suspect. Police suspect that Baldwin took money from his mother’s bank account before her death.

On Saturday June 24, Balwin was in Lexington, Kentucky at his daughter’s wedding, where he reportedly escorted his daughter down the aisle. His wherebouts after the wedding were unknown. Police say the family was cooperating with law enforcement in the investigation. And they say that Baldwin may have been unaware of the warrant out for his arrest.

On Thursday, S.C. authorities contacted Ashville N.C. authorities and let them know that Baldwin might be in a motel in that city. A sweep of the motel parking lots found Baldwin’s car. A swat team evacuated the rooms neighboring the room that Baldwin had taken, then arrested him without incident. Baldwin has been charged with his mother’s death.  



Talk about things that can go wrong at a wedding! How about finding out that your father killed your grandmother just a few days before your wedding. And that he was arrested just a few days after walking you down the aisle. No matter how much she loves her husband, no matter how beautiful the wedding, no matter how happy she was that day, those wedding pictures are going to be very bittersweet. The first year of a marriage is usually very special. But along with the romance of her first year of  marriage, will be her grandmother’s funeral, and then the legal wrangling that accompany’s any murder trial.

Baldwin made it to her wedding. But if convicted, he will miss the couple’s first home, the birth of any children, the high points and low points of her life. Hopefully he will come to some realization of what he did to her, and how his actions affected her life.


Police did interview Baldwin in Lexington, Ky while he was there attending his daughter’s wedding. But they did not have enough information to hold him.

Police have said that Baldwin took “tens of thousands of dollars” from his mother’s account. They are not sure how this plays into the case but feel is a factor. They don’t say if the money was recovered.

Baldwin has a criminal history that includes theft by deception, resisting arrest, and alcohol related charges.


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