The first report

The first report on June 20 came out like this:

Emergency services responded to a report of a 7 year old boy who was having difficulty breathing. Paramedics attempted to resuscitate him, but he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The boy, his grandmother and his 8 year old sister were visiting with the boy’s 85 year old great grandfather when the boy apparently fell down the stairs. Investigators say the boy died of blunt force trauma to the abdomen.

Neighbors said that officers spent the evening removing items from the home.

The second report says:

 Carolyn Cattin, 44, committed suicide in a doctors office on Tues. She and her husband were reportedly there for counseling, and she learned that the charges were to be filed against her. Authorities say that she excused herself from the session to go to the bathroom, and shot herself in a stall. Allegedly neither the husband or the counsler were aware of the shooting, until police announced they were sealing the building off because of the shooting. Cattin had full custody of Aaron Hutson, and she was his grandmother.

Police say they prepared charges against her and were about to file them when they recieved word of her suicide. The charges to be filed against her were first-degree murder, abuse of a child and two counts aggravated intimidation of a victim or witness. Police have said the last two counts were for the alleged intimidation of two children were were present at the time that Aaron died. Both children also lived with Cattin and both children are now in protective custody.

According to an aquaintance, this was a surprise. From her discussions with Cattin, she thought that Cattin was trying to protect the two children from the birth mother and father and she acted like they were her first priorty.

Cattin’s husband, Patrick Cattin, 46, is awaiting extradition back to Kansas where the murder occured. Police say that he has been charged with aiding a felon.

A grandparent is an experienced parent. In order to have a grandchild, they had to have had at least one child. Often the grandparent will be the first one asked for advice when coping with the grandchild gets tough.

This grandmother had raised her child or children. Whether they would be counted as a success or not, at least they lived and were grown and gone. But she was acting as a parent to not one, but evidently three more children. She was not required to. And there were other options out there. Maybe not great ones, but there are options.  So she had choices.

I don’t know what happened that day. I don’t know how Aaron recieved the blunt force trauma. But I know it shouldn’t have been from a grandparents hands.

Two other children. Now they are in protective care. After they witness an alleged murder of ones brother, at the hand of their grandmother. After allegedly being threatened and intimidated by their grandmother. I hope they are now somewhere safe and happy.

And I hope Aaron rests in peace.


Charges against Patrick Cattin were dropped.


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  1. Brandy said,

    July 27, 2008 at 12:27 am

    My name is Brandy. Carol Cattin was my godmother I had known her ever since i was born. She was there when I was born. I do not believe that she was the one that killed Aaron. I believe it was a tragic accident. I knew Aaron very well to. Even by my self with Carol and the three kids did she EVER lay a hand on them. I believe he did fall down the stairs and a child that is that small, if they fall down the stairs they are going to have head trauma, think about it you hit your head hard enouph it will cause trauma and as for the rest of his body that has trauma when you fall your going to get bruises (trauma). I believe Carol committed suicide due to not any grandparent would want to be accused for killing their grandson. And for having people from the News stations constantly at your door and will not leave, it gets to people! This is my first time really speaking up about this subject. It has been really hard for me, exspecailly due to what might as well of been my Mom killing herself and for Aaron death. Aaron was like a nephew to me. I miss them both dearly. And I am ready to start speaking up abut my opinion. She wanted Nothing more but the best for All THREE of the kids!
    Rest in Peace Aaron & Carol (Carolyn) Cattin.


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