“It was a senseless execution,”

Brock Holmes, 18, had lived with his grandmother 60 year old, Jamie Holmes since about the seventh grade. He had graduated from high school this year. Apparently the two had argued some about him finding a job.

60 year old Jamie Holmes was a custodian at the middle school. Neither Brock Holmes or Jamie Holmes had a criminal record.

Monday morning the fire department were called to the address for a fully engulfed house fire. When they arrived they also found 4 burning cars. Inside the home they found the bodies of six animals and a body burned beyond reconition.

They began searching for the home’s other occupant. They found Jamie Holmes about 5:30 pm hiding in a brushy ravine. With her were a rifle and some shells. Police say that she admitted she lived there, she admitted to killing her grandson and she agreed to cooperate with law enforcement.

Police are saying that this was not a crime of passion. “It was a senseless execution.” They say the two had argued the day previously, but that Brock Homes had fallen alsleep sitting at his computer. His grandmother shot him in the back of the head around 8 am. They say she then set fire to the mobile home and the cars.   

Jamie Homes has been charged with murder and arson.

 Police say that Brock Homes had not seen his parents for several years. Police are attempting to locate Brock Homes’ parents. They have sent the requests to authorities in the state of Washington, the last place that the parents were known to live.



18 and he hadn’t been in contact with his parents for several years. That in itself is pretty sad. No calls to see how he was doing, no holiday or birthday calls. Not even a call to say happy graduation.

Some kids do need to be pushed to begin their independent lives. Sometimes you have to take an example from the birds and ‘push them out of the nest’. I might have sympathized with her, if she had not taken the action that she took. Grandmother had options. He was an adult, she could have put him out of the home, told him he was on his own now. Or she could have driven him to places to seek employment. She could have just cut off any funding and unplugged his computer until he had gotten a job.



  1. Maleny said,

    September 6, 2006 at 12:46 am

    I met Brock during his senior year. I didn’t even know he existed until he came into my music appreciation class almost everyday during his free period. I guess he liked hanging out there because of Mr. Knabe. Well, he didn’t seem to have many friends so i talked to him once or twice. I kinda felt sorry for him because I would sometimes listen in to his conversation with my friend about how he didn’t have a life and she was one of his few friends he could talk to. I feel bad that I didn’t talk to him alot. When I heard about what happened I couldn’t believe it. His grandmother seemed like a nice lady . I’m glad that he is in a better place know.

  2. Teresa said,

    February 9, 2007 at 4:38 am

    I knew Brock when he was a baby, he was toddling around beautiful blonde boy w/ a mullet…his mom was pregnant, and his dad was in the army. I assure you they were loving doting parents. Something had to have gone terribly wrong. I hung out with them every day in Lawton OK lived downstairs from them. I loved them all…something horrible had to have happend for him not to be with his parents. it’s all so sad.

  3. Dylan said,

    March 22, 2008 at 8:18 pm

    I knew Brock from Karate class with steven stout. My cousin Harley and I would always talk to him about video games or about karate. He was a really good friend and such. The last time i saw him was the day befor he was killed when he had droped me off at my house after class and i was going to trade games with him. The day i got a call from the instructer for karate i started to think he was out driving around,then my other cousin who is a married to a firefighter came to my house I asked about the fire and she said they had found a body in the rubble and i asked do u know who it was and she said she didnt know so. Then i started filling frightend,the time i found out that it was him i just went in shoke. I didnt know what had happend and i wanted to know why that would happend to someone nice and helpfule. When i found out that his grand mother had shot him in his sleep at the computer i was angry! Why did she have to shoot him for something so sensless. She could have heled him get up and find a job instead of arguing about it she could have like took the computer and all his other electronics away!! Not just shoot him.

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