No Children

Thomas and Amy Ceslia had recently split up, and Amy moved in with her father in another county. Amy Ceslia then filed for divorce on June 9. The couple did not have children.

Thomas Ceslia had been working as a sheriff's deputy, in corrections, since 2004. And on June 20 th, he submitted his resignation. Details about the resignation have not been made available, though it is said the resignation was unexpected. Ciesla had recently been turned down for a job on a city police department.

On Fri. a call was made to 911, regarding a domestic dispute at the home of Thomas Podejko, Amy's father. Though one article states that the call the police received was a hang up call. Another article says that the call came in from a cell phone as a domestic dispute, and is divided on whether the caller hung up or whether the phone line remained open, recording everything that happened in the home. 

Thomas Ceslia, 28, had shown up at the Pokejko home. According to friends who have spoken with one of the witnesses, he put a gun to his wife's head and he said ‘I’m going to get even with you for what you did to me,’ ”  “And you’re going to watch your family die.’ “And that’s when he started blasting.”

He shot Thomas Podejko, 63, his wife's father. He also shot his wife's aunt Carol Lindner, 62, who was present at the home. Both were killed. Another shot went to her uncle Thomas LIndner, who was injured but alive. Both Lindner's also resided in the home. Amy Ceslia was present at the home, but was not injured. After the shootings, Ceslia turned the gun on himself.

Thomas Lindner was shot in the hand, and he was hospitalized in fair to good condition.

Many details of the shootings are not clear. Motive for the crime is not known. An investigation is being done on why an officer who had responded to the scene fired a shot at the scene, even though he did not hit anyone.

Why would he go to the home and shoot his wife's father, aunt, and uncle and leave his wife alive? Had there been a family dispute? Did he blame the family for the break up between him and Amy? Or was he wanting his wife to live so that he could ensure that she suffered?

She did not cause the shootings. She had no way of preventing the shootings. Though there seems to be no fault pointed at her, likely she will have guilt over this. She lost her husband and her aunt, all at the hands of the man she had brought into the family. A man she had once loved, maybe still loved to some extent.

Luckily, the couple did not have children. And this case does strongly make me think of the incidents where a parent will kill their children at the time of a separation or divorce. He apparently did tell the wife that he wanted her to suffer. Since there were no children, he then turned to the nearest family members.

When a law enforcement officer is killed, there is a shock throughout the entire law enforcement brotherhood. Every day they fight crimes together and they have to be able to rely on each other, their lives often depend on it. When an officer dies like this, in the midst of a personal crime and at his own hands it is especially hard. Because not only have they lost a brother, it somewhat erodes the trust they in each other.

Two dead, one injured, and a wife left with all the questions and doubts.


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