Darren Mack who is accused in the murder of his wife Charla Mack and also accused in the shooting of Judge Weller of family court, has been arrested according to the district attorney. No futher details about the arrest were released, but will be released later. You can find the previous post about Darren Mack here.


Mack surrendered at a hotel in the resort city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
on Thursday night. He is now in the custody of Mexican immigration authorities
and FBI. Reno police say the arrest came as a result of cooperation between Mexican authorities
and the FBI. Mack’s attorney’s say they are eager to begin his defense, and they say that
he voluntarily surrendered to be with his children and his family and to defend himself.
Charla Mack’s family are planning a press conference for this afternoon.


The prosecutors office has announced that Darren Mack will not be facing the death penalty. No reason was given for the decision in this article.



He’s “sorry for doing it and that it was dumb.”

She is 4 years old. She and her 7 year old brother were being babysat by their 15 year old cousin Ronald Hinton.

Wednesday, Ronald Hinton allegedly reported that he had been fixing breakfast when he "heard a thump". He ran upstairs to check on her, washed the blood off her face, wrapped her in a comforter and carried her downstairs.

At some point, Hinton called 911, and reported that she had been bouncing on a bed and fell. Police found her unconcious, bleeding from her mouth and nose, and face down.

She was admitted to the hospital in critical condition and doctors have said that she had little brain activity. She is reported to have a brain injury.  Investigators say they later determined that she had been beaten with a belt, bitten three times, and sexually assaulted.  

Allegedly Hinton has confessed to investigators that he had sexually assaulted her, bitten her on the chest and thigh, and slapped her in the face. At one point she escaped and ran downstairs with him chasing her. He then carried her back upstairs and beat her with a belt. Court documents describe the physical and sexual abuse as a continuing course of conduct. Allegedly Hinton told police he's "sorry for doing it and that it was dumb."

Police say that Hinton had been babysitting for the children since Monday. And that he had cared for them before. Police say they have no reason to suspect that the family was aware of this or that they believed Hinton was capable of this. Police also say that the brother shows no sign of being harmed.

Hinton has been charged as an adult, and is charged wtih first degree rape, assault, and child abuse.



Some may accuse the family for leaving the child with a 15 year old boy. Yet not all 15 year old boys are capable of this. Some boys are very good with children. And the family evidently didn't think he was capable of it. Some will say they should have noticed the bruising. But it depends on the brusing and where it was. An active 4 year old can get a lot of bruises. It depends a lot on the type of bruises, the location, and the story that was given to explain where they came from. Some will say that they had to know she had been sexually assaulted. There would have been physical signs. But there are a lot of kids, yes even young children who get raped. And if the child doesn't tell, the parents may not know for moths or even years, until they do finally tell. And frequently the child doesn't tell. Sometimes out of fear, sometimes because they somehow feel that it is their "fault" and they will get in trouble, sometimes because they don't have the words to say what is happening to them.

I have to wonder, how much of this the brother saw or heard. Whether he witnessed the assaults on his sister, or whether he was present when she was beaten. If so he may not have been physically harmed. But I wonder about the psychological harm that may have been done. I hope the parents get him some help in coping with this.

15 years old, and accused of one of the most heinous crimes short of torture and murder. And not to another child his own age or size. Like many others before him he chose to pick on someone smaller, weaker. A little girl less able to protect herself. He says he is 'sorry'. I have to wonder what he is 'sorry' about…..that he allegedly beat the child, that he sexually assaulted her, that she is hospitalized in critical condition, or that he got caught?

Now it is up to God and the doctors, whether this little girl will survive.

Again, I want to post the signs and symptoms of sexual abuse in children. A parent who is familiar with the signs and symptoms, and alert to them in their children, will pick up on it much faster. No, we hope it doesn't happen to our children, we don't want to believe it could happen to them. But it does happen to a lot of kids.

Know the signs and symptoms


The little girl died of her injuries yesterday.

Hinton who had been charged with first-degree rape, second- and third-degree sexual abuse, first- and second-degree assault and child abuse has been charged as an adult. No indication if further charges are forthcoming. The judge has ordered a psychiatric exam.


Shooting Spree

Jason Howard was on supervised release from prison, where he had served 5 months of a 1 year sentence for domestic violence and violation of protective order. He had been released sometime last year.

Police began looking for Howard as a result of two shootings in which two men were injured, one Wednesday and one Saturday. He is also a suspect in the murder of another man who was found Monday. Howard was located and taken into custody Wednesday after a short standoff with police and has been charged with 2 counts of felonious assault.

Also on Wednesday, his girlfriend’s mother had not heard from her in several days and she and her son went to the girlfriend’s home looking for her. At the home they found the bodies of Jameila West, 27; her daughter, Jameire Ervin, 10; and her sons, Tre’vion Williams, 5, and Jakia Howard, 3, dead from gunshot wounds. Some reports say that the youngest child is a child that West had with Howard. Police believe the family may have been dead for several days, maybe longer.

Howard did not reside with West, but had been going there to visit her and his son.

Police have said that Howard is a person of interest in the murders, and they are attempting to question him. They are not saying if the shootings are connected.




A girlfriend/mother, 3 children, and another man killed, and two others injured from gunshot wounds, and Howard is suspected or charged in all.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions here. How long the family had been dead, what led up to the shootings, and whether the shootings were related. I also wonder who the domestic violence charges were with. The family has reported that Howard and West had known each other a long time and their child was 3 years old, but there is no indication if the previous domestic violence charges were filed by her.  

But no matter the reasons, no matter why, 5 people dead including 3 innocent children, and two others injured. And they all seem to center on one man.


The domestic violence that Jason Howard went to prison for was for violence against Jamelia West. Reportedly, West had called police in July of 2004 and stated that Howard grabbed her neck, threw her to the floor and threatened to kill her. He was convicted of domestic violence a protective order was issued, and he was fined. Later the same month West reported that Howard had come to the home, pushed her, tried to smother her with a pillow, and slapped her leg leaving a visable hand print. He was convicted and sent to prison. Howard has also had cocaine convictions in recent years.

The autopsy has been completed on Jamelia and her oldest daughter. According to the coroner, Jamelia had been shot, but 10-year-old Jameire Erwin had been strangled. The initial reports from police said that all of the victims had been shot, but police explain this by the fact that the bodies had begun decomposing. Autopsies are expected to be completed on the two younger children on Friday.


Jamelia’s family says that she never failed to call her father on Father’s day. But this year they never heard from her. The last contact they had with her was a phone call late on Sat.

Police have talked with Howard, but he has not admitted involvement. Police believe the family was killed late on Sat. or early Sun.



Jason Howard spoke out in court today. He told the judge that he was guilty of the felonious assault and the aggravated murder of the men. But he stated he did not kill West or his children, and he asked that they find out who murdered them. Autopsies have been completed on the two youngest children, and the cause of death was determined to be smothering.



A history of the crimes in which he is suspected or accused. Also criminal history.


More on the other crimes.

Jamelia West  and her oldest daughter Jameria Irvin were found in the basement covered with blankets. The two younger boys were found in an upstairs bedroom.



Jason T. Howard has been arrested for the murder of the family. Howard is the ex-boyfriend of Jamelia West, and previously convicted of domestic violence against her. According to police and family, Howard was the father of 3 year old Jakia Howard.

Howard had been previously charged with the murder of two other men, but those charges have been dropped.  He is still charged with the murder of another man.

It is theorized that Jamelia West and her children had been dead for three or four days before their bodies were found.



At a court hearing for Jason Howard two men have been charged with assaulting him (misdemeanor). Reportedly a brother and a cousin began hitting him while he was shackled and at the defense table. According to one article, Jameila’s mother also admitted to “patting” Howard on the back of the head and a deputy grabbed her and put her on the floor. Hearing was rescheduled til 9 am Wednesday, and the judge has said that no one who was involved in the melee will be attending.

Jameila West’s mother said she had a bad back and was taken to the hospital per ambulance.

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Though police have charged Jason Howard in the shooting of Jameila West, he was not formally indicted as of Jan. 2007.

In Jan. of 2007 Jason Howard pleaded guilty to the death of David Dally and the shooting of two other men. On the 6 charges that he pleaded guilty to, he was sentenced to 44 years to life in prison. However Howard has continued to deny that he had killed Jameila West or her children.