Part young woman, part little girl

Chelsea Brooks was 14, at that threshold of transition from a little kid to a young woman. Well liked by her friends, loved by her parents.

She is described as a sweet girl, studious, wise, involved in her activities and embarrassed. She was 9 months pregnant. She had admitted to friends that the pregnancy was a mistake, but said she intended with the help of her family to have and raise the baby.

On June 9, Chelsea left her home to go skating with friends. Friends later admitted that she planned to leave the rink early to sneak away to see her boyfriend, whom her parents had forbidden her to see.

The alleged boyfriend, Elgin Robinson had just gotten out of jail that day. Chelsea borrowed a cell phone from a friend and left the rink about 7:30 pm, saying she would be back by 8. Friends say that she called at 8 pm, and said she would be back in an hour. When she did not show up at 9, friends began calling the cell phone, which appeared to have been turned off.

Despite long days and I am sure even longer nights, for the family and friends, nothing more was heard from Chelsea until June 16, when an announcement was made that a body found buried in a wheat field, had been identified by dental records as Chelsea.

In Feb. of this year, Chelsea’s mother had filed for a protective order against the boyfriend, Robinson. In the court records Terri Brooks alleged that Robinson was the father of Chelsea’s baby. And that he was putting pressure on Chelsea to keep secret the fact that he was the father of the baby. Allegedly he told her he would die if he was put in jail.

Police have not released Chelsea’s cause of death. And they aren’t say much about the circumstances of the murder. But they have arrested three people for the murder.

An unnamed 17 year old was arrested first and has been charged with capital murder and kidnapping. He will be tried as an adult, but due to his age will not face the death penalty. Court records indicate that Chelsea died by strangling, it was premeditated, and that there was a contract or agreement to kill her.

Also under arrest and charged with the murder are 20-year-old Elgin “Ray-Ray” Robinson and Theodore Burnett, 49. Both have been charged with capital murder and aggravated kidnapping. Robinson was also charged with 2 counts of rape and violating a protective order.

Young, sweet, probably trusting, possibly looking for that relationship that in 14 year old’s passes for love. At 14, a boyfriend is a prized goal, yearned for, discussed endlessly with the girlfriends. Once pregnant, she seemed to be embarrassed according to some of her friends, yet she intended to step up to her responsibilities by having and raising the baby.

An adult “boyfriend”. He appears to have been aware of the legal ramifications of the relationship. The fact that a sexual relationship with a child could end up with him in jail. Yet it appears that such a relationship did occur. And when she got pregnant, it became very apparent that this child did have a sexual relationship with someone. Once the child was born, a DNA test would quickly confirm the culprit. Possibly he wasn’t as prepared to live up to his actions and responsibilities as was a 14 year old child.

I am not real clear on how the third man fits into the picture.


Police say that an investigation was in process, about Chelsea’s pregnancy. But that authorities were waiting till the birth of the child, so that a DNA test could be completed. A test can be run during the pregnancy, but the district attorney says that it is riskier for the baby. The request for a protective order that Terri Brooks filed in Feb. contained two numbers for police reports.


A memorial article for Chelsea. She seems to have been popular, and a good student.

A couple of things in the article stood out for me. One was that Robinson’s sister was Chelsea’s classmate and they became friends first. The second thng was that Chelsea played basketball at the YMCA in the 6 th grade and Robinson was one of her coaches.


Seventeen year old Edward Gentry pled guilty in court, after a plea bargain in which he agreed to testify against Burnett and Robinson.  Sentencing will be Aug. 24.

Gentry told the court that Robinson had requested the killing, because Brooks was pregnant, and because her parents were going to have him prosecuted for statutory rape or some other crime. He said that Burnett agreed to kill the girl for $500.

Gentry also told the court that on June 9, Gentry picked up Chelsea Brooks from the bowling alley and took her to his sister’s house and dropped her off. He said he then went to pick up Burnett and when he returned, before Chelsea came out of the house he got some shovels.

He said that while they were driving, Burnett who was in the back seat reached up to the front and strangled Brooks with a wire or cord.

They took a dirt road and the car got stuck. Gentry said that Burnett hid her body behind some trees while Gentry freed the car. Burnett then told him to start digging a hole. Burnett then placed her body in the grave and it was covered with dirt.  

The judge asked Gentry questions to determine if he understood the ramifications of pleading guilty. Gentry told the judge ‘I’m pleading guilty because I am guilty.’


Preliminary hearing. Arraignment set for Oct. 26.